Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holy 16 months!!!

I feel like i should say something like "WOW I haven't blogged in forever!" but i feel like that would just be stating the obvious. I mean its been a month, a MONTH! Im happy to say my absence is due to being INSANELY busy with photo shoots, praise Jesus! So I'm certain that makes up for it ;)

L turns 16 months old on wednesday! THAT is just as crazy as my blogging hiatus! We've got a toddler on our hands people. She's sassy, she's got a little attitude on her like you wouldn't believe, she's hilarious and laughs about 90% of the day, she runs almost everywhere, she still loves putting things in her mouth, she still loves eating, she's pretty much "awesome" as her daddy would say.

Heres a few pictures my sister snapped of us, and some I took of L. The photographers kid is rebelling from the camera, can you really blame her though? So i apologize for the lack on focus, and smiling haha.

At 16 MO Leighton has become very verbal. She literally doesn't stop talking all day long. She still gets a little gun shy in public, and really doesn't say much besides laughing her goober laugh (if you've never heard it your missing out, its the most ridiculous thing ever ) She CAN say....

Hi, Bye, All done, No, Yes, Thank you, Please, Up, Down, Dog, Woofwoof, Moo, Quack, Duck, Cow, Tiger (she has the best rawr and growl you've ever heard ) Erin, GiGi, Shayne, Mommy, Daddy, Bop, Meme, Papa, Nana, Nina, Grandpa (pretty impressed with that one ) Granny, Ace and Lucy (neighbors dogs) Lance, Reindeer, Santa, Tree, Snowman, and Jesus.

Just because she CAN say them does not guarantee she will.

She still loves to dance, and sing. Her new favorite is Strawberry Shortcake, Mickey Mouse is a close second :)

Kids and babies fascinate her and I'm pretty sure she would keep her cousin Hollyn forever if I let her. She also has a strong obsession with feet....gross. She spends a lot of time playing with her shoes and bows, she puts headbands/bows/hats on and goes to look at herself in the mirror. Such a girl ;)

I think its safe to say I'm still her favorite person, daddy would be second, Lance- our friend, landlord, neighbor and her crush - is third, then any girl from The Currie clan is a tie for fourth!

Were in the process of dropping to one nap. Ive been putting if off, trying EVERYTHING to make it last, but I know its time and I just need to bite the bullet. I hate changing sleep patterns in the middle of the holidays, its a nightmare, but it needs to be done. Ive always said around 16 months she would be ready...and she is. So all of my sleep training mamas be thinking of us haha!

She's a total goober and we couldn't be happier. Even when I get a full slap to the face I love her so much it hurts! ....literally :)

Monday, November 5, 2012


IM HAVING A NOVEMBER MINI-SESSION SPECIAL! So be awesome and go book a shoot! You KNOW you wanna ;)

Shout out to Kristina Akers over at Everyday Lovely for the design! I pretty much use her for everything, art in my home, L's first birthday invites, Christmas invites, and now this! SO you need go check her out, her blog ( above ) or her website: saint I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So clearly I have decided to not do monthly posts about Leighton since she turned a year old. Im so glad I made this decision before hand, because there is NO way I would have been able to keep that promise to myself. We are too busy, L moves too fast, I have no "helper" for photo shoots, and she has decided that when the camera comes out, so do the serious faces.

I feel like we have been lifted up into a WHIRLWIND of growing over here. It is truly amaaaaazing how much difference 2 months can make in toddler world! We are 14 months old, well actually 14.5 but who's counting right? Ill give you the run down..

L has been walking since 10.5 months, so now we are onto running, jumping, spinning, dancing..basically she moves non-stop. When the exhaustion hits she lays down wherever she is, for a breather, then back up for some more action! And when I say she lays down wherever, i mean it! Yesterday she laid down outside Starbucks, on the concrete. It was a special moment.

She eats pretty much anything, I still haven't given her peanut butter. Her favs are: avocado, banana, eggplant, tomatoes, eggs, cheese, asparagus, bean burritos, and peaches. The only things she doesn't like are: anything in marinara sauce i.e. spaghetti, raviolis etc. and macaroni and cheese ( so strange ) She still loves to eat, and eats a lot of whatever it is! We still only drink milk and water, no juice or sodas for this long as I'm around ;)

She now has 9 teeth, all front 4, both top molars (these are almost all the way in) and three bottom front. Her bottom molars are swelling so I'm expecting those lovelies next!

Sleep was a little wonky around 13.5 months. Things have smoothed out, our day looks like this.

9:10-10nap (getting shorter and predicting by 16-17 months we will drop this nap)
12:45-3:00 nap
6:45in bed

I still guard sleep like a hawk. Its important, so I make sure she gets enough of it. Some people agree, some don't, I'm past caring :)

Leighton is very sociable, and shy all at the same time. She loves attention, and will smile, wave, blow kisses, but doesn't really talk in public. At home however she NEVER stops talking. She can clearly say several words, the rest i can understand but no one else would have a clue. I think this is pretty normal for her age.

Pretty much 14 months is a blast so far. Some months of childhood are so much fun, and others you grit your teeth and bear through it. So far I'm loving this age. She's funny, sweet, sassy, has a serious attitude on her and when she's annoyed she may hit you! Time outs are a reg in this house :)

I wouldn't change a thing. Im loving life, I'm loving my husband, this season, everything...were a happy family over here!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Crazy 8 Love

Well I've been MIA! Sorry! No excuses..just the usual. Busy. Mom. Wife. 14 month old. Photo shoots. Etc.

I HAVE discovered a new obsession though! Leighton is finally at an age where its fun to dress her up. I have been taking advantage of this new season in life...FULLY. But we all know, kids clothes can be expensive, some of its a little out of control. And if your child is anything like mine you find yourself at the end of the day saying "UGH, I hope that comes out!" So sometimes the $40 shirt is just plain...well, stupid! Have no fear moms, Crazy 8 is here! Cute clothes, great prices, ALWAYS having a sale, and just $5 shipping all the time. Dream come true. Heres some of my favs I found while scouring the site this morning...please excuse the sloppy collage, L's morning nap is getting shorter and shorter, and my time frame to complete this was like 10 minutes ago. Im skipping make up application to post this, feel blessed.

PRETTY sure we need that headband is every color.

Those white boots (while totally impractical) are pretty much the cutest thing ever.
The black moto boots speak for themselves.

I have a problem with jammies. I love them way to much, and who wouldn't love a girl in santa jammies?!?!

Polka dot, fair isle, and floral leggings. Done, done and done!

I love all of these sweater dresses and the flannel dress would be so precious with those moto boots! eek!

We have to have that fair isle wrap jacket with the horses. Its kind of amazing. The pink toggle jacket is very sweet. And are you kidding me with that fur vest?!?!

This is just the tip of the ice burg, go see for yourself! PS if you have a boy the stuff is JUST as cute. Trust me i looked, while day dreaming of a little man in cuffed jeans and suspenders...sigh.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Girls Night IN

Y'all, I'm REALLY looking forward to this Sunday! Its time for our monthly "Girls Night In" !! Last month we did a "My Favorite Things" Party. THIS month we are doing Craft Night! AH! Im a little to excited! We decided to make a fall themed wreath. Since I'm the only one who doesn't work, and bossing i mean organizing, are in my blood, i took over.

I picked 8 wreaths via Pinterest of course, posted them, and took a came down to these three..




and the winner was....

And since a simple text telling you what your in charge of bringing won't do I had to create something. typical. haha. So you can see every girl coming brings her OWN wreath form, then the supply she is asked. We put all the supplies together and create! and drink wine...thats a given :) I really like how it worked out, it costs less this way, and its more fun!! Ill be sure to post the pictures of the "during and after"

Hope you have a GREAT week....can you believe its ALREADY October?!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Be Still...

Today I spent my morning walk with Leighton just thanking God. Thanking him for everything. You know how you say your nightly prayers, spend some time in devotion, sing some songs along with the radio..which are wonderful and good things..but lately I've felt like I'm just "doing" them, not DOING them. Yea, that makes no sense, but its my blog so it doesn't really have to ;)

What I mean is I breathed in the air, and just let it out with thanks., you, your neighbor, all of us, WE are so blessed. Would I love to have a bigger house, of course..but the one I have is a blessing, a beautiful warm blessing. Could I use more money...WHO COULDN'T?! But we are provided for continually..again and again. Would I like Leighton to be the most well behaved, best sleeping, healthiest, happiest child that has ever been born? Yes, but she isn't ever going to be that, and she's a perfectly perfect mess. Do i want my husband to spend all day every day at home with us ? Ok..maybe not ALL day EVERY day..but duh we would love more time with him. But God saw fit for him to work, with is hands, earning every penny, doing what he loves, and thats the way it should be.

What I'm trying to say is, I spend SO much time wishing, and thinking of the future, and praying for this and for that, and not NEAR enough time THANKING our Heavenly father for the blessings that are pouring down on me right this very minute. I pray for release from my "earthly" desires. I want so much that there is just no need for. Will those new boots be the salvation of my soul? Will that new rug be played back to me when I stand and watch the works of my life at the feet of God? No...they won't. The time I spent in devotion to God will be..and I really really want to increase that time of my lives "video" don't you?

Got a little deep there...sorry! HA! Im going to just spend this day, and every day the best I can, in thanks. That way i really feel EACH blessing come upon me, something amazing and overwhelming , little presents from our God that say "Hey, you, stubborn girl, I LOVE YOU"


Sunday, September 16, 2012

..Just talking!

Its Sunday..Leighton is napping, Taylor is next door finishing up the TV console he is building, and Im sitting here in sweats bored. Theres like 400 things I could talk about, 3 photo shoots I could be editing, a bathroom I could be know..the "stuff" that needs to get done. Only thing is i have no desire what so ever to do any of I will waste some time rambling on here!

Ive been in such a decorating mood lately, its all I want to do! Endless amounts of cash would sure help, or just a couple extra $ :)
My girl is such a toddler lately..her personality is peeking through and boy does she know what she wants..likes..doesnt want..what makes her laugh..every day is new with her now! SO much fun!
I have had 6 pumpkin spice latees in the past 4 not proud of this.
Im the complete opposite of a hoarder, i want to sell/donate/throw away everything all the time. Erin and I just finished our consignment lists for Dittos For Kiddos and I have almost $600 worth of items in there..thats insannnnne to me. I came home and thought hmmmmm, what ELSE can i add? Psycho..
Sometimes I feel like I forget where I am in life, like I'm a married 26 year old stay at home mom of a one year old little girl. Not a 21 year old with $ and free time..
I had some amazing friends. Every single one of them is different. But there are for the most part to "groups" of my married mom friends..who are all my age. These friends don't like here....they all live in other OR they work full time. Then I have my younger friends, who are in the 21-24 year old range. Some are married, single, dating, etc. Some work, go to school or both. THESE friends all live near me, and I see them all the time. Sometimes its with these friends I forget my age haha. They are always on the go, having fun, living life, and sometimes I need a good reminder that I, am no longer "on the go". Theres nothing wrong with that, Im just in a different place, that they, someday will be as well.
Taylor and I saw a girl (12ish) at the mall with her family today, wearing denim shorts so small they might as well have been underwear, with a short short shirt. Um, no. I told Taylor I hope Leighton is always SO in tune with fashion, that that kind of thing just never appeals to her. Because lets be honest, if it does, she's never leaving the house! ....kidding....kind of.
We ALSO saw a guy wearing linen cut off american flag shorts that were as tight as volleyball shorts with a white button up tucked in and dress shoes....most bizarre fashion day at the mall ever!
Im working on a elephant art piece for the living room..ill post it when I'm finished! HOPEFULLY tomorrow..
Its official, Leighton loves the Michael Buble C-mas mother like daughter.
I made sugar cookies last night and ate 8 of them...gag.
Yesterday I said to Taylor, "Everyone in this family needs new shoes!" and instantly felt like a 40 year old mom..
I went to Starbucks, Target, and ROSS with JUST Erin and Shayne yesterday during baby was so refreshing. It was a glimpse of what fun L and I will be having sooner than I can imagine, sure we will be dragging little Baby Boston ( our un-concieved son )with us but still fun!

well....i should probably go be productive...thanks for sticking around while unloaded on you :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I haven't done a favorite's post in FOREVER...actually I haven't blogged in what feels like forever! I guess I've been busy..yeah ill go with that!

SO ITS FALLLLL! ...well not "technically"...but in Megan land it is, yes, Megan land is a great place, you should visit. Its very clean, everything in perfect order, crafting and baking are a daily thing, and there is an ever flowing bounty of coffee and wine...sign...

Ok back to the real world. My sister and I celebrate the "embers" which begin in Sept"ember" and run through Dec"ember"...get it? Yea were so clever. Christmas season officially begins for us on Sept. shopping starts up, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby CDs start popping out...its perfect. BUT I do love fall..the cool weather, the leaves turning, i mixed up a little "fall faves" list for ya...what are you loving for fall?!


Fall TV is my favorite. We don't have cable ( collective gasp! ) so anything local is what were watching. I love love love love The Voice..if Christian Aguilera would quit it would be even BETTER! I want to be best friend with Cee-Lo...but I'm afraid I'm not cool enough :/

SMASH is a show Taylor and I got into last year, i love musicals, but I can't STAND Glee...i think this is somewhere in-between haha! OH I should also mention my obsession with Up All Night with Christina Applegate...i love how it mirrors the same walk of life I'm in right now..not to mention its just stupid funny!


In Megan land, coffee is always acceptable...even when its 105 outside..but in the fall you can go to S-bucks and get a Pumpkin Spice Lattee without people asking if your sure. ha! in a couple weeks ill be filling up on peppermint mochas..oh the joy!

{ KIDS }

Fall clothing is the best. Last fall Leighton was still so small, but this year her wardrobe options are so wide open and i can't even tell you how excited I am! My little walker is wearing some holes in her Converse chucks..these little beauties will be ordered Oct 1st! CANT WAIT! - FYI


Im not sure if these even need an introduction...or explanation..or sales pitch.
Bath and Body Works. Fall scented. 3 wick candles. That enough? You find a candle that scents your home as well as these and you let me know! THANKS!


Our house is small, not much room for decorations just laying around, especially with a 1 year old. So i will utilizing the front door as much as possible! Im thinking a cute jute/burlap wreath and some fun painted pumpkins, or thumb tack pumpkins. Seriously, how did we ever decorate before pinterest? SO many options, without having to carve, and deal with gnats hovering around your molding pumpkin at the door.

{ FOOD }

I love a good stew..soup..chili..all of the above. I reallllly love making it in a crock pot and smelling it ALL day long. My husband doesn't think this qualifies as a "meal" so i have to make extra things for him. Oh the sacrifices of marriage.. ;)


If I could wear boots and scarves YEAR round I would. I have been obsessing over all combat esque boots and I'm loving these! I have yet to find the right black pair..but I will find you, mark my words! Im so happy the aztec prints that started coming out late summer are sticking around for fall! They make my heart happy!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

one one one!!

In all the craziness i realized i never wrote my one year post! So here it is...late...but so goes life!

We had our one year check up! As usual the shots killed me, Taylor was in charge and Breanna and I just sat in the chairs holding our ears. The cries get worse the older they get. She was perfectly healthy, 21 lbs ( 75th% ) and 31in (90th%) !! tall girl!
He was impressed with how well she walks, and we all laughed when she started barking at him like a dog (theres dogs on the wallpaper haha) She has 3 teeth all the way through, and the other top 3 are all cutting through her gums at the same time..ouch! He said her bottom back molars are swelling up under the gums and to expect them to push through as soon as her front teeth are done. Oh what fun were in for ;)

Leighton has become the little comedian of the house, and grocery store, and pretty much everywhere we go. You will see her coming and hear us will get waves, blown kisses, and she will point and you and tell you to "GO!" she loves loves loves going to visit aunt erin at the daycare and to boss the big kids...its pretty funny!

She's saying more and more words, and even when its nothing discernible its non-stop chatter! So far I have hear her say " hi, bye-bye, mama, dada, dog, woof woof, duck, moo, bop, all done, oh no, go, she tries to say i love you, and bena ( her aunt breanna ) of course half of these only i understand haha.

She's walking all over the place, and even tries to run...its hilarious! She tries to climb onto things, and would spend all day rolling around on my bed if I let her!

She's still a healthy eater...this girl likes her food! Im still VERY strict about what goes into her little body...but every now and again she gets rice from a restaurant or something along those lines! ;)

Were still taking 2 naps a day and sleeping 7-7-...sometimes bed time is earlier, when naps are off or something. I see us going to one nap around 15/16ish months..shes always been on the early side of dropping naps per Babywise, and were already starting to shorten the morning looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time ha!

Our schedule right now..

7:00 up
9:00 nap
10:15/30ish she wakes, i don't let her sleep past 10:30
1:15 nap
3:00 ish she wakes
6:45-7:00 bed

Her favorite toys are baby dolls, balls, and anything out of the bathroom cabinet she's not supposed to have ;) She loves music and likes to shake her lil booty..its the cutest thing ever! She loves wearing shoes, when i put mine on she will sit down and try to put hers still my heart..little mini person!

She is the constant joy in my life, she makes the mornings sweeter and the days long and happy. Even when she's crying I wouldn't trade this life for anything different. I sit and wonder what her brother/sister will be like, I can't imagine 2x the love in my home..and i can't wait for that day to be here!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Someone turned ONE...Party Post!

The day baby turned ONE! It still doesn't seem real to me, theres no way we've already lived an entire year of life with her. I don't think there will ever truly be enough time.

The party was a success, no rain! Thank goodness! Leighton took a great morning nap, and was sweet for about, oh, 20 minutes, then she was whiny and clingy. No big shocker, its how she's been the past week or so, and then the day after her party ( on her actual birthday I got her up and saw a front tooth! ) every since then she has been a complete JOY...ahhhhh peace! If only it had come a day sooner..HA!

Here's some pictures from her party..

My friend Natalie got L some cat eye glasses, the minute she saw them she put them on and refused to take them off! It was so cute. We ran out of time and forgot to make Leighton a sugar free cupcake, so i reluctantly gave her the regular one, and to my surprise she wanted NOTHING to do with it, she put some fingers in the icing, gave it a taste, then shook her head "no" be lying if I wasn't crazy excited!!

Its been a wild ride this year! Im glad I've been able to share it with you all, the ups, the downs, and everything in-between! And since time doesn't slow....its on to bigger and better one short year from now this will be a 2 year old post..amazing.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

When it rains it kidding

Im having "one of those days". Blah. Its cloudy out and its supposed to rain, which is perfect for this cold loving girl, but its not doing a whole lot for me today.

L's birthday party is on Saturday, and every day they have increased the rain chance little by little, and this morning the weatherman told me "thunderstorms saturday morning into late afternoon". Ugh. We need the rain, I KNOW we need the rain, but can you pleaaaaase just hold off until 1pm Lord? Please? I really don't know what we will do if it storms...cramming everyone into our house i suppose, and pushing aside the decorations I've spent months....literally months...working on. Im trying to not let the material side of me come out here, remembering the friends and family joining us could really care less about the red and white tent i sewed, or the signs that go on all the food, but "party planning" and "gift giving" really are my gifts and talents, and it makes my heart sad to think only I will see the whole picture come together in my mind...

Only Saturday will show what the outcome will be i suppose...

On another note I hurt my back, I really think i popped a rib out of place or was really bad last night, i barely slept at all, and today I can't take deep breaths and have a really hard time picking L up...

And L..Oh my teething grumpy child. I have been begging the Lord to let her sweet little spirit back through. We are going through some weird one year old separation anxiety, throw a fit the minute i don't get what i want phase and its wearing on my nerves. I still think I'm comparison to most babies her age she's a dream, but for someone who's just not used to dealing with grumpiness its hard to handle. 11 months of a joyful child, I guess i can handle a couple fussy ones, i guess....

On a lighter side of things, I have gotten a lot done around the house decoration wise, I figured it will be a while until we build something and I'm ready for this place to feel a little more homy, ill try and take some pictures soon..

SPEAKING of pictures, I have been crazy busy! Not so much with family shoots but I've been doing a lot of commercial shots for home renovation type things. Its different, and challenging in a totally different way! BUT the most exciting thing is I will be shooting the 2nd annual Fashion Night Out for Betty and June Boutique here in Abilene! SOOOOO excited! Its a non-profit even, and all proceeds go to Abilene Young Life. It will be catered by Abi Haus ( A new restaurant downtown ) and Enchanted Rock Vodka. Ill post more details as I receive them...its Sept 1st so mark your calendars !!

Well I better put some clothes on, I've got some grocery shopping to do for the party...and L wakes up in 30 mins...

Her one year pictures will be done keep an eye out for those :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

11 months has come and gone!

My sweet sweet baby is 11 months old today.
Do you know what that means? In one month she will be one year old {your welcome for doing the math there for you..math is hard i know }
That also means she will no longer be a "baby"....she will officially become a "pre-toddler" .......sad and happy just don't belong together...but thats exactly what i am!

I need another baby asap...only babies don't really come together asap...dang.

Anyways at 11 months old Leighton acts more like a 1 1/2 year old. Every day I'm amazed at how well she moves around, how she does things like throw a ball, and her food, and everything stuff going on in this house!

Were walking of course...if your a friend on FB you've seen the videos, she still crawls places she needs to get to fast, but she's really really good at walking! It totally weirds my sister out when she walks. My sister has 2 children who have large heads...and in this case the ration large heads=large brains is VERY True. I swear Shayne was counting to me in spanish at age 2 and reading me books, but was barely crawling at a year old..its hard to balance that large brain on such a small body :) and her littlest is the exact same way. Its funny how different our girls are, hers a super smart and mine is going to be an olympian. Of course I think my daughter is smart to, but not "shayne" smart...shes on her own level ha!

So were walking, crawling, throwing, laughing like a crazy person ALL day long...everyone comments on her dorky laugh, its so funny! If you laugh, or someone on tv laughs, she will fake laugh right along. She also claps for pretty much everything. She waves HI to everyone we see all day long, and most of the time thats followed by a "air kiss" she loves to blow kisses..sweet girl :) She's also into blowing raspberries, she will come up to me in the kitchen and just start blowing them on my legs..goof.

Still not saying very many words, though she blabbers all day long in her own language, and squeals with the best of them. The words she says clearly are mama, dada, bye, and hi. She has attempted to say all done (ahhduh) gigi (giiiii) and her new favorites dog and duck...only for both she just says it can be a bit confusing ha! Today she was looking at a book and i asked her where the apple was, she pointed right to it..then i said wheres the teddy bear, she dropped the book and started patting her chest and laughing that goofy laugh. Have i mentioned i love her?

She's also obsessed with belly buttons...but it doesn't matter WHO you ask her has a belly button..she comes straight to me a pushes my shirt up haha! Which leads me to another new fav skill...pulling on mommys clothes! She lifts my shirt up, looks down my shirt, looks up my pant legs, dresses etc, tries to pull my sleeves off, she just doesn't understand why I'm not naked all day long!

She has 3 teeth, two on bottown and one canine, i found the other canine pushing through any day now we will have 4 teeth!

I weighed her at my grannys house and she came in at 22 lbs. Still a big girl. Growing out of most of her 12 month clothes, 18 months fits the best. Grew out of all of her shoes.

Still eating really well, she will try anything i give her, but that doesn't mean she will eat it all. She's not a big breakfast person...neither am i. There are far to many foods to list that she's tried..pretty much everything other than any kind of nut/honey, red meat, and berries.

For breakfast she usually eats bananas, oatmeal, yogurt..and not very much of any of it.
Lunch she has mango/kiwi/peaches/pears, steamed zucchini or squash chunks, some turkey and cheese, then she has a snack of yogurt before nap.
Dinner she has either steamed eggplant/avocadoes some veggie pasta, cherries/blueberries, and maybe mushrooms.

Sleep is hit of miss nap wise, she's in that wierd 11-14 month nap funk most baby wise babies fall into. She's still a total ham and happy even when her naps are off..if she doesn't nap well we do early bed times of 6:15-6:30...and yes she falls straight to sleep and sleeps till morning.

6:30 wake stay in crib
7:00 up breakfast, go on walk
9:00 nap
10:30 up
11:00 lunch
12:30 snack
1:30 nap
3:00 up
6:45-7:00 bed

thats what it should look like..and some days it does...some days were off...o well :)

Im going to take her pics tomorrow! SO keep an eye out for those :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

New favorite!

While browsing the motherload of all things ill never make, or eat, or visit...yes Pinterest..I ran across this site..and it IS something I will put to use! The tag said "great place to find cheap dresses" What it DIDNT say is "Great place to find dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, and accessories for under $50" Seriously 80% of the stuff is under $ kinda store, seeing as at some point some baby food or what not will be smattered all over it by the end of the day!

I could have gone into serious collage overload here..there are SO many cute things! But i shook myself out of it and narrowed it down to my favorites, and only numbered my top 6, I know none wants to hear my go on and on... ;)

{1} Leopard. Cardigan. Enough? I love that its not LEOPARD leopard? Does that even make sense? I want it, I need it...

{2} I searched everywhereeeeee for fold over zipper wedge boots JUST like this last year and couldn't find any that #1 Didn't look cheap, #2 Weren't $200...these look great and are under $50...winner winner!

{3} This chevron dress has always dreamed of living in my closet...traveling to weddings, showers of all sorts, would be a wonderful life.

{4} OMG. Do these not look exactly like Frye boots? Only they won't cost me my right leg..these too are $50!! Kinda freakin out...

{5} I want to put on the wrap cardi, some leggings and those ^ awesome frye-esque boots and drink some hot chocolate and wrap Christmas gifts...who's with me? Anyone?

{6} Love love love love love this maxi skirt. It is so stinking cute! White tank, some earings, sandals. Done. Please make your way into my arms!!

Y'all...go check out this site! I know your going to love it as much as me!! (PS they cary bags to! eek! )

oh and if someone can shoot me a message and tell me how in the WORLD to make my pics bigger id greatly appreciate it...ive tried everything!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Leightons room!

SO i realized yesterday that I have never put up any pictures of our home. People keep asking me to put up pictures of L's room, and to be honest I've never gotten around to it is because its not finished. Yes..she will be one year old next month and still has an unfinished nursery :/ haha!

Why is it unfinished? Well I had a long list of plans for my handy-man husband to do, and several things i needed to buy, and THEN we decided that we wanted to build a home. It may be next month, it may be 3 months from now, who knows...were waiting on there perfect lot to come open! :) SOOO that completely stopped my decorating plans. I just don't see the point in it all when the whole room will change when we move somewhere in the near future ( Lord willing ) In our new home I will be packing all of the blue decor away for the next kiddo, and starting over with Leightons room, vintage..shabby-chic, lace, i can't wait! The blue decor is perfect and I love it, and we chose it specifically for the purpose that it will work for boys and girls, and be reusable! Same reason I bought a black stroller and car seat.

Ok so anyway here are some pictures of her unfinished room!!! Hope you can see where I was heading with it haha!

The is the view from the front the left corner I wanted to get a big squishy chair/love seat we could cuddle up in to read..

The dresser we had re-finished. It will work well for any room in the future. We just added the changing pad on the top.

I bought the crystal lamp base at Target, and made the lampshade by punching out paper and curling the edges. The bird cages are just for a little somethin' girly!

The picture above her bed is a picture of Taylor and I on our wedding day, I think its kind of her own version of a prince and princess... Taylor is going to make me a ornate frame for this soon! Her bedding and crib are from Kids Village.

These framed pieces are so precious to me! A friend of mine from high school designed them and printed them up for can check out her work here, she's amazing, she's also doing Leightons first b-day invites! "You are my Sunshine" is what I sing to L before every nap and bedtime. I literally cried when Taylor hung these up, I pray she always knows how much i love her. She can keep these forever, just switch out the frames! love love love them!!

The other art piece was a mirror I turned chalkboard, It has one of my favorite quotes written on it.

Even though its unfinished its still her room, and we all love it. Cant wait to get started on the next one :)