Wednesday, October 31, 2012


So clearly I have decided to not do monthly posts about Leighton since she turned a year old. Im so glad I made this decision before hand, because there is NO way I would have been able to keep that promise to myself. We are too busy, L moves too fast, I have no "helper" for photo shoots, and she has decided that when the camera comes out, so do the serious faces.

I feel like we have been lifted up into a WHIRLWIND of growing over here. It is truly amaaaaazing how much difference 2 months can make in toddler world! We are 14 months old, well actually 14.5 but who's counting right? Ill give you the run down..

L has been walking since 10.5 months, so now we are onto running, jumping, spinning, dancing..basically she moves non-stop. When the exhaustion hits she lays down wherever she is, for a breather, then back up for some more action! And when I say she lays down wherever, i mean it! Yesterday she laid down outside Starbucks, on the concrete. It was a special moment.

She eats pretty much anything, I still haven't given her peanut butter. Her favs are: avocado, banana, eggplant, tomatoes, eggs, cheese, asparagus, bean burritos, and peaches. The only things she doesn't like are: anything in marinara sauce i.e. spaghetti, raviolis etc. and macaroni and cheese ( so strange ) She still loves to eat, and eats a lot of whatever it is! We still only drink milk and water, no juice or sodas for this long as I'm around ;)

She now has 9 teeth, all front 4, both top molars (these are almost all the way in) and three bottom front. Her bottom molars are swelling so I'm expecting those lovelies next!

Sleep was a little wonky around 13.5 months. Things have smoothed out, our day looks like this.

9:10-10nap (getting shorter and predicting by 16-17 months we will drop this nap)
12:45-3:00 nap
6:45in bed

I still guard sleep like a hawk. Its important, so I make sure she gets enough of it. Some people agree, some don't, I'm past caring :)

Leighton is very sociable, and shy all at the same time. She loves attention, and will smile, wave, blow kisses, but doesn't really talk in public. At home however she NEVER stops talking. She can clearly say several words, the rest i can understand but no one else would have a clue. I think this is pretty normal for her age.

Pretty much 14 months is a blast so far. Some months of childhood are so much fun, and others you grit your teeth and bear through it. So far I'm loving this age. She's funny, sweet, sassy, has a serious attitude on her and when she's annoyed she may hit you! Time outs are a reg in this house :)

I wouldn't change a thing. Im loving life, I'm loving my husband, this season, everything...were a happy family over here!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Crazy 8 Love

Well I've been MIA! Sorry! No excuses..just the usual. Busy. Mom. Wife. 14 month old. Photo shoots. Etc.

I HAVE discovered a new obsession though! Leighton is finally at an age where its fun to dress her up. I have been taking advantage of this new season in life...FULLY. But we all know, kids clothes can be expensive, some of its a little out of control. And if your child is anything like mine you find yourself at the end of the day saying "UGH, I hope that comes out!" So sometimes the $40 shirt is just plain...well, stupid! Have no fear moms, Crazy 8 is here! Cute clothes, great prices, ALWAYS having a sale, and just $5 shipping all the time. Dream come true. Heres some of my favs I found while scouring the site this morning...please excuse the sloppy collage, L's morning nap is getting shorter and shorter, and my time frame to complete this was like 10 minutes ago. Im skipping make up application to post this, feel blessed.

PRETTY sure we need that headband is every color.

Those white boots (while totally impractical) are pretty much the cutest thing ever.
The black moto boots speak for themselves.

I have a problem with jammies. I love them way to much, and who wouldn't love a girl in santa jammies?!?!

Polka dot, fair isle, and floral leggings. Done, done and done!

I love all of these sweater dresses and the flannel dress would be so precious with those moto boots! eek!

We have to have that fair isle wrap jacket with the horses. Its kind of amazing. The pink toggle jacket is very sweet. And are you kidding me with that fur vest?!?!

This is just the tip of the ice burg, go see for yourself! PS if you have a boy the stuff is JUST as cute. Trust me i looked, while day dreaming of a little man in cuffed jeans and suspenders...sigh.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Girls Night IN

Y'all, I'm REALLY looking forward to this Sunday! Its time for our monthly "Girls Night In" !! Last month we did a "My Favorite Things" Party. THIS month we are doing Craft Night! AH! Im a little to excited! We decided to make a fall themed wreath. Since I'm the only one who doesn't work, and bossing i mean organizing, are in my blood, i took over.

I picked 8 wreaths via Pinterest of course, posted them, and took a came down to these three..




and the winner was....

And since a simple text telling you what your in charge of bringing won't do I had to create something. typical. haha. So you can see every girl coming brings her OWN wreath form, then the supply she is asked. We put all the supplies together and create! and drink wine...thats a given :) I really like how it worked out, it costs less this way, and its more fun!! Ill be sure to post the pictures of the "during and after"

Hope you have a GREAT week....can you believe its ALREADY October?!