Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day Fun!

THIS was my very first mothers day, weird to think i will celebrate this day every year from here on out!

Taylor and little miss got me a cover for my kindle! Sadly, he bought it for the kindle touch, and i just have the e-reader. But hey its the thought that counts haha!

It was a busy busy day! We went on a long morning walk.

I had a last minute photo shoot booked that morning so I was busy with that until 12! Then at 2 we went to Shaynes dance recital, which let me tell you, was a fiasco!

It was so cute watching her and all her little friends up there shaking their little tutus with absolutely NO clue what they were doing! It was the stinkin' cutest thing! I can't WAIT to watch L up there some day! But NOONE had more fun than Leighton..the lights went off, the music came on, and my child lost her mind! She was flailing, dancing, screammmmming with joy, clapping her hands. It was precious and exhausting all at once! HA! By the end of the 2 hours i felt like she ripped out half my hair, had drool all over my, bruising on my stomach and legs from her feet jumping and digging in me...but it was all worth it to see her have so much fun! She was for sure the show within the show haha!

Sweet Shayne in one of her costumes. This girl has had my heart from the minute we met! I just love her so much sometimes she feels like my own. I LOVE watching you grow shayney-boo! -someday that will embarrass you, but i don't care :)

Then we went to dinner with my moms side of the family, and by the end we were all BEAT! ( No pictures sorry )

I will cherish my first mothers day forever. It will NEVER be like this again. Just in awe of the love I'm surrounded with daily. Thank you Lord :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

E is for "ETSY"

A fried of mine pinned that cute little bow on Pinterest, when i went to find it on Etsy things got a little out of control and I just couldn't stop looking! Etsy really is just awesome...heres some of the favs i found tonight!

{ anyone else notice the obsession with all things monogrammed? }

{1} I really have been wanting a personalized address stamp for awhile! This lady has SO many cute designs these were just two of my favs!

{2} These would be the cutest hostess gifts! They come in other colors too! Who doesn't like a bag to cary their wine around in?!

{3} Ive been looking for a kindle case since I got one for Christmas! They were all so "guyish" These are really fun..i really like the pocket on the back for the notebook and pen! Again, lots of other prints available.

{4} I hate tacky coasters. I wouldn't be embarrassed busting these out! They're from letterpress, and i love all the ones on this site. These little sweater print ones would be cute for coffee mugs and hot chocolate in the winter! :)

{5} This tray is beyond cute! I think theres like 100 print options and font choices on this girls page! ENDLESS options!

{6} Im loving all the aztec prints out right now. Its a nice break from the chevron that I've been obsessed with. - note the chevron stamp print haha - this fold over clutch is so fun. It would be great for all the weddings i have coming up! ( also comes in chevron ;)

{7} I want a giant tote bag to just throw all of our stuff in and go this summer! Great to just toss towels, snacks, drinks etc in to go to the pool etc! And hey, while were at it, why NOT get it monogrammed right?! As Reece Witherspoon would say "if it doesn't move, monogram it" I think we would be good friends :)

{8} I have an obsession with all things elephants. If it has an elephant, theres about a 90% chance I'm coming home with it. I love gold, so this pink and gold charm bracelet belongs with me...dont ya think?

{9} This is the bow my friend pinned. Its so stinkin sweet I can't handle it! Theres a navy and red one, fourth of July? Yes I think so too!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Leighton Likes Tuesday

I love Leighton Likes Tuesday....i love a "favorites" post from anyone! Hope to catch some good ones this week from you guys!! I almost always find something i need from them haha!

-1- Y'all we LOVE this cup! Lolla Cup really has a great product here! My favorite thing? The weighted straw, she can drink it at any angle, which is great when they're first learning. She seems to be able to drink faster/better out of this cup better than her other straw cups. Downside? It's $18..BUT they have free shipping this week so go grab one! We got the orange, next will be the purple! It holds 10 ounces, is BPA free, and made in America, all good reasons to purchase!

-2- Rubber duckies are one of L's fav toys right now, these cuties from Target are a must!

-3- Who needs expensive noisy toys when you've got tupperware? Seriously, Leighton could play with it all day! We have a drawer in the kitchen FULL ( our Meme is a Tupperware sales woman, so we get tons of the real it ) and she sits there forever taking them all out.

-4- Ok we don't actually have a baby doll, but this weekend Leighton played with her first one, her cousin Harpers, and loved it! She just kept kissing it, and she thought its feet were pretty interesting too! So were deffinantley going to be getting one asap!
I like this one from Target (duh!)

-5- So i was looking for some ballet flats that Leighton has from Old Navy to show you guys, and couldn't find them..but i DID spot these during my search and couldn't help but show you! Gold glitter jelly sandals..on sale..for $8..we might be going to Old Navy today! These will be perfect because she cant take them off! She doesn't mind wearing shoes, but she will pull them off and chew on them if she can! So straps, buckles, we need it all!

-6- We got a little pool for L, which I'm just realizing was the topic of my last post. Ok so this isn't a big shocker or anything. She loves it. I couldn't find the one we got at Walmart, but this one is pretty close!

Monday, May 7, 2012

a little dip !!

Sunday i begged ( there is always begging involved with it comes to getting Taylor into WalMart..i can't blame him! ) Taylor to take us to get a pool. I thought we would just get one of the plastic ones, but Taylor wanted to be able to put it away, so we went with a blow up thats big enough for her cousin, or me :) to join her in!

We went straight home and Taylor blew it up...with a little helper in tow...

He put it in the shade, so the water was a little cold, i of course wanted to move it into the sun to warm it up, but Leighton could have cared less! She just loved it, she splashed and splashed and kept leaning up to give Taylor kisses..sweet little thank you's for her hard working dad :)

She loves loves her ducky! We seriously need to get more..

Of course its best for eating..

I have a feeling the two of us are going to be spending a lot of time in that pool soaking up some sun and making memories. Ill cherish these days forever :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

A little "ME" time

I think its important to take time for myself every now and again. Actually its important for all moms, wives, women in general!

Taylor and Leighton are my WORLD. Literally everything i do, i do for them. I clean the house for them, do laundry for them, make food for every meal for them, grocery shop for them, everything. I in me time if theres a space for it! like painting my finer nails, plucking my eye brown, taking a bath, heck sometimes just finding time to take a shower is a chore! haha!

So me and some of my favorite people have decided to have a monthly "girls day"..and I'm so excited about it! of course not everyone will be able to make it every month, but at least were holding each other to it! I think its easy to feel guilty about taking time for yourself, especially for moms. Leighton is my responsibility, but I know my husband doesn't mind one afternoon a month of some daddy daughter time. EXCEPT for the diaper changes. Y'all want to hear something crazy, i know I'm going to get it from some of you guys, but up until 2 weeks ago, Taylor has never changed a diaper. n.e.v.e.r. i know i know..but whatever haha!

2 weeks ago me, my sister Erin, and sweet friend Sarah had the first "girls day" we went shopping, got pedicures, and went to lunch. and it was a BLAST! i was actually more exhausted after that than a whole day with my kid...kinda funny.

Well on May 27th were having the second girls day! only this time were lumping it in with the Style Swap. About 2 years ago Erin and I planned the first style swap. Basically you get all your friends together, and everyone brings all their clothes, shoes, accessories that they just aren't loving, we set it all up like a little store, everyone draws a number, and you take turns shopping the "store" its SO much fun! At the end of the night whatever isn't taken is donated! Great way to get some new things without spending a dime, and giving to a good cause all at the same time! Im pretty excited! We haven't had one since BEFORE i got pregnant so there should be lots of stuff to choose from!

If you will be in Abilene and want to come let me know! We'd love to have ya! :)