Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things

So as promised this is the blog I'm dedicating to all the healthy things I've learned since becoming a mom! Now don't be thinking " oh geeze, Megan has turned into a tree hugging hippie who doesn't give her baby anything that she can't grow herself" I'm FAR from that! Ive just been doing a lot of research on whats natural, whats healthy, what actually helps our children other that temporarily pausing the problems they are having.

First is this little beauty.

I seriously don't know how more people don't know about this stuff. They should hand it out at the doctors office, tell you about it in the nursery after your delivery, sell it at baby clothing stores...ok thats a little extreme...but thats how much I love it! Its 100% all natural, and FDA approved. Its technically a type of gripe water, but 110% better! I first learned about it from Amber ( that will become a reoccurring statement in this blog. ha! ) I read it in one of her blogs, and when Leighton was having some gas issues I did some research on it, watched a few videos of babies taking it, and ran straight to CVS to get some. Its made with vegetable charcoal, which knocks down the acid in the babies stomach, or esophagus, if your little one is struggling with reflux. Leighton was having some silent reflux ( swallowing her spit up and burps instead of letting them out ) and had CONSTANT hiccups. I know they say hiccups don't hurt your baby, but tell that to a one month old's mother who's baby screams every time she gets them! The recommended does is 1/4 of a teaspoon, and you can repeat it as many times as needed! Once she would get the hiccups, or just seemed to be gassy in general, i would give her the 1/4 dose, and by the time she finished swallowing, the hiccups were gone, and the gas was gone within 5 minutes, and she was smiling! It really is amazing to see. I hear it works WONDERS on colicky babies as well! So if you don't have it, GO GET IT!

warning: it is jet black, and WILL stain yours and your babies clothes! so make sure you have a rag ready! the good news, it tastes good! ( yes, i tried it ) Leighton actually LOVES when i give it to her, she keeps opening her mouth for more.

Next on the list....

Once again, first read about this on Ambers blog haha! Now I know first hand about the problems of having an out of whack digestive system, as well as reflux. When I was one I had half my large intestine removed, and in high school I was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus and GERD. ( Gastro Intestinal Reflux Disease ) Barrett's esophagus is where the cells lining your esophagus become pre-cancerous due to years and years of acid reflux, hints the GERD. Now, I no longer suffer from these issues ( even though neither one has a cure, thank the Lord HE can cure ALL things ) So yea...this is an important issue for me. Your body literally cannot function properly if your digestive tract isn't working at a top notch rate. We should ALL take pro-biotics. Like I said before, I just never really thought about how important it was until I became a mom! Well let me tell you something, Leighton thrives on this stuff, I put one pack in her bottle ( if you bottle feed do NOT warm up the bottle, and if your doing milk free for you baby make sure you buy a milk free pro-biotic also! ) She goes to the bathroom every day. I think since she's been on it ( about 3 weeks ) she's maybe skipped one day. Which in baby land is pretty awesome! No constipation in this house!! Empty bowels make for a happy baby :)

Vitamin D. This one should be pretty self explanatory. Its especially important for infants, since they aren't getting out into the sun daily, and even more important if your breastfeeding! The recommendation on the bottle is 400IU's, thats one drop. But the recommended dosage for a infant up to 6 months is 1000IU's a day. I personally put the drops in one of Leighton's bottles, but you can also just put it right in their mouth! Going into the flu and cold season the Vitamin D is really important! Im going to do my best to not forget this one everyday! :)

If cuteness alone is not a good enough reason to buy this, I don't know what is! Were all going to be turning on our heaters soon, so this is deffinantley going to be an essential! I turn this on when Leighton is congested, but it also helps to keep the air in her room moist when the heater is running, there is nothing worse than a dry throat!!! And of COURSE I would buy the elephant...between my obsession with elephants, and Taylors thing for penguins, she's not going to really have any choice of what her favorite animal will be! ha!

Last but not least...

So this is another beauty from Amber! -Dont worry I've been doing some research and WILL have some ideas of my own soon..i promise! haha-
This stuff is next to impossible to find, if your in abilene, don't even bother...just order it! Leighton got pretty congested the day before yesterday...I was kind of expecting it, I was pretty sick with a cold and had a fever...I tried my best not to pass it on, but I failed. She seems to handle sickness a lot better than me....but then again she gets to sleep a lot more! ha! I put 5 drops of this in her bottle in the morning. It has some alcohol in it, so 5 drops is really the max amount they should receive, BUT adults can take up to 50 drops a day! It already seems to be drying her nose up, and the gunk in her chest is sounding I'm hoping within the next day or two she will be snot free!! Now we just started taking this...shes only had it twice, but i plan on giving it to her twice a week for preventative reasons! If we can prevent the colds instead of treat them I'm all for it!

So I'm sure theres plenty of you out there who think I've lost my mind...go about it. haha. I'm okay with it, things change sometimes! Just don't take me wrong, YES I still love Leightons doctor and think that there are times when you just need some professional help. Were just trying to use alternative options instead of antibiotics. Im sure ill come across many more fun things, were only in month 2 of her I will be sure to share! And feel free to send me anything you've learned as well! :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween, House, and Health

SO...its been awhile! Life has been a little "busy" Lots of work, taking care of a 2 1/2 month old, trying to spend some time with an always working husband..but I made it back! anyway! :)

It was this little girls first Halloween. This was actually her "day before halloween" outfit. We didn't do anything on actual halloween. Reasons?
1. Daddy hates halloween, he was always sick as a kid on halloween so he has a personal grudge ha.
2. She's too little, I mean really, she isn't going to remember it.
3. I didn't want to get stuck with all the candy! I deff don't need all that sugar !

She did wear a little ladybug onesie with a hat that had antennas to her babysitters house, but I forgot to take a picture...yes i know, I'm on top of things! :)

GOOD news! Our house is alllllmost done. SO excited! Were hoping to be moving next week sometime...fingers crossed! I can't wait to set up Leighton's room! Her bedding, curtains, dresser, lamp, all of it has just been sitting in storage since her shower, its going to be like getting gifts all over again when I open it up! ha! Im hoping she adjusts to our new digs quickly...her sleeping and staying with her sitter Tiffany went seamlessly, so heres to hoping its the same with this new place! Taylor gave me a little "re-decorating" budget. Most of our decorations from our old house were reds, oranges, very much fall colors. This time I want to do a cleaner look, more whites, creams, apple green...we will see how it turns out! Pretty soon after we move in it will be time to bust out the Christmas decor! (ill blog later about my burlap Christmas! Ah! ) Wahoo! I can't wait!! :)

So thanks to a fellow blooger/facebook friend/babywise mommy I've come across lots of healthy things for my little girl. You know before I had Leighton, I wasn't an all-natural health type person at all. And i ALWAYS said "just because you become a mom doesn't mean you have to change, or the way you think has to change" BOY was I wrong. Theres something about becoming a mother that just makes you look at everything differently...everrrryythingggg.

I have always been sick. My entire life, its always something. Asthma as a child, tonsils removed in middle school, in and out of the hospital for SO many things its hard to even remember them all, being diagnosed with Barretts Esopohagous in high school, then Chrones disease ( which praise God I have been healed of ) its been a roller coaster of sickness. I desperately want something different for Leighton. Its been nice to follow Ambers blog , and be able to reach out to her for suggestions, as well as doing some research of my own. So on my next blog Im going to share what I've learned, for all the new moms I know, who never thought they would "think" that way!! Im excited about a healthier lifestyle, for myself and my little girl :)