Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holy 16 months!!!

I feel like i should say something like "WOW I haven't blogged in forever!" but i feel like that would just be stating the obvious. I mean its been a month, a MONTH! Im happy to say my absence is due to being INSANELY busy with photo shoots, praise Jesus! So I'm certain that makes up for it ;)

L turns 16 months old on wednesday! THAT is just as crazy as my blogging hiatus! We've got a toddler on our hands people. She's sassy, she's got a little attitude on her like you wouldn't believe, she's hilarious and laughs about 90% of the day, she runs almost everywhere, she still loves putting things in her mouth, she still loves eating, she's pretty much "awesome" as her daddy would say.

Heres a few pictures my sister snapped of us, and some I took of L. The photographers kid is rebelling from the camera, can you really blame her though? So i apologize for the lack on focus, and smiling haha.

At 16 MO Leighton has become very verbal. She literally doesn't stop talking all day long. She still gets a little gun shy in public, and really doesn't say much besides laughing her goober laugh (if you've never heard it your missing out, its the most ridiculous thing ever ) She CAN say....

Hi, Bye, All done, No, Yes, Thank you, Please, Up, Down, Dog, Woofwoof, Moo, Quack, Duck, Cow, Tiger (she has the best rawr and growl you've ever heard ) Erin, GiGi, Shayne, Mommy, Daddy, Bop, Meme, Papa, Nana, Nina, Grandpa (pretty impressed with that one ) Granny, Ace and Lucy (neighbors dogs) Lance, Reindeer, Santa, Tree, Snowman, and Jesus.

Just because she CAN say them does not guarantee she will.

She still loves to dance, and sing. Her new favorite is Strawberry Shortcake, Mickey Mouse is a close second :)

Kids and babies fascinate her and I'm pretty sure she would keep her cousin Hollyn forever if I let her. She also has a strong obsession with feet....gross. She spends a lot of time playing with her shoes and bows, she puts headbands/bows/hats on and goes to look at herself in the mirror. Such a girl ;)

I think its safe to say I'm still her favorite person, daddy would be second, Lance- our friend, landlord, neighbor and her crush - is third, then any girl from The Currie clan is a tie for fourth!

Were in the process of dropping to one nap. Ive been putting if off, trying EVERYTHING to make it last, but I know its time and I just need to bite the bullet. I hate changing sleep patterns in the middle of the holidays, its a nightmare, but it needs to be done. Ive always said around 16 months she would be ready...and she is. So all of my sleep training mamas be thinking of us haha!

She's a total goober and we couldn't be happier. Even when I get a full slap to the face I love her so much it hurts! ....literally :)