Tuesday, December 20, 2011

4 The Merrier

four months.

for four months i have loved like i've never loved. worked like I've never worked. smiled like I've never smiled. and prayed like I've never prayed.

for four months i have been a mother...or i should say have become a mother. its a growing process, i become a little more confident, a little more comfortable every day in my new role. i would have never dreamed life could be so different, so sweet. taylor and i sit on the couch at night in just awe of how amazing she is. mostly we talk about how cute she is..but were here parents..she could have 3 legs and we would think she was the most beautiful girl in the world. I've never loved anyone the way i love her. its a different kind of love. i love my husband with my entire soul, ill love him until the end of our time here, and then some. but the love i have for leighton is different, its powerful, i could do anything, i would do anything, to keep her safe...the protect her...to guard her heart. it must be something to do with being a mother, i think its a little sneak peek at what Jesus's love for us is like. we can kill...steal...lie...turn away from him..embarass him...and he will STILL...he will ALWAYS love us. thats what its like to be a mother. its endless.

ok enough with the mush...lets get to this girl!

Weight/Height: We haven't been to the doctor since her 3 month vaccinations, our appointment for her next round is January 5th, so ill update this after we go! Im guessing somewhere around 14 lbs. We will see though! Still wearing 6month clothes. Were on our last package of size 2 diapers, then we will be moving to size three! AH!

Motor Development: She's getting much better at grabbing things. She has become stronger and more agile it seems just in the last week. She loves to lay on her back and play with her "ball". She seems to be getting bored with her gym/playmat...i think its the toys, so taylor and i bought her new ones to switch out for Christmas. She grabs for the bowl and spoon when i feed her, and bear hugs my arms when i change her diaper. She has discovered she has feet, still hasn't grabbed them yet, so far she's only made to it pulling back on her knees, can't wait for her stick those toes in her mouth :)

Sleep/Independence: What a great sleeper we have! Leighton is still following the eat, wake, sleep plan Babywise teaches, she's pretty much a pro! The end of the 3 month period was rough on us, i blame it on the move, growth spurt, and teething. But the week before she turned 4 months she was back on track! Ive heard 4 months is either a dream month, or the toughest month for mom and baby, so far were living the dream! Her schedule looks a little like this..on the good days :)

7:00 wake eat
7:45 Nap # 1
10:00 (ish ) wake eat (rice)
11:00 Nap # 2
1:00 wake eat
2:10 ( sometimes its 2:00 ) Nap # 3
4:00 wake eat (avocado)
6:30 bath, bed routine, bottle
7:00 in bed
10:00-10:30ish wake and feed, straight back to bed

Im always amazed at how well Leighton plays on her own. I lay her down give her a ball, or put her under the playmate, or put her in the johnny jumper, and she will do any of them happily for up to 30 minutes. Then we usually do something like work on tummy time, rolling over, read a book together etc.

Basically she's just awesome, as Taylor would say!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

You know those days where you just have 900 different thoughts in your head, and none of it really goes together to form one singular thought...its just a bunch of STUFF. Sometimes being a stay at home mom has its disadvantages. Theres no one to unload on. I mean Leighton is a fabulous listener, but its just not the same :)

Last night I actually said to Taylor "Lets have another baby, this one is getting to old" and then I woke up this morning and reminded myself that sometimes I should keep my thoughts in my head haha. Funny part, his only problem with the idea was that he didn't want me to have to be pregnant for 9 months again..hmm. I won't think to much into that haha.

I lost my camera card, somewhere between printing pictures at the store, and making it through the front door. Its gone. Thank goodness I had just uploaded all the pictures on it onto my computer, but still...now I have to buy another. Blah.

On Sunday my husband will be 27. What an oldie. I still love him though :) The day after that Leighton turns 4 months old, I swear we just got back from the hospital. 5 days later is Christmas. LOVE it. January 13th Taylor and I will have been together for 11 years! Shut the front door I know...thats insane! Thats longer than most people stay married these day..which is sad. February 6th will be our 3 year wedding anniversary. So much celebrating, so little time :)

I really want a lot of things for Christmas, normally I have NO clue what I want...but this year, and I blame it on sitting at home looking online, there are several goodies on my wish list :) I want the Michael Kors iPhone wristlet, a cute maxi skirt, some boot socks, the Nook E-reader, a cute cover for it :), a shark steam mop, a keurig coffee maker, a new vacuum, to be forever tan without having to actually tan (HA), a brown watch, a new wedding band, some lenses for my camera, some jeans for this post-baby body. See, i told you, lots of things. We will see what santa leaves me under the tree :)

I really should work out. I used to have a pretty good body, but 9 weeks of bed rest will take its tole on you! I need to whip this business into shape! Mabye ill do P-90X.....maybe.

My child is awesome. I have a feeling 4 months is going to be a dream month. Sleeping through the night again, taking all her naps, being a good girl while running errands, laughing, eating food, rolling over, she's just awesome all around.

My husband loves the word awesome. He uses it all the time, usually in reference to himself, you would have to know him to understand. He's just sooooo special.

Ill stop rambling now, I do feel better getting that all out. Oh theres lots more, but I don't want to give you megan-junk-overload haha! Thanks for stopping by and listening reading! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011


ALOT has changed since my last blog. Its been about a month! I promise I will TRY to be better :)

1. we've MOVED! woohoo! We are finally in our home. Our little two bedroom, slice of heaven and we couldn't be happier!

2. Leighton will be 4 months old in 6 days! I feel like its a little silly to do her 3 month post when we totally missed it...so heres a little summary of her month if I can think back that far! ha!

Is starting to drool...alot!
Loves talking to her Daddy...a little jealous..but thats ok :)
Is getting better at sitting up..with help of course
I think she weighed like 13 LBS or something close to that.
Went through a serious growth spurt I though would drive me mad.
Exclusively wearing 6 months clothes. She's healthy :)

Im sure there was more but these months fly by I tell you!

3. Our daily routine has changed a little. She takes 3, 2 hour naps a day, and now stays awake from 4-7. Sometimes she needs a little cat nap in there...were working on it.

4. We've made two trips our of town...one to Austin for Thanksgiving and one to Dallas for her great-grandads 80th birthday party. She did great during both trips. Slept the ENTIRE way in the car. She's awesome.

5. My photography website is up!! http://www.wix.com/megandianew/mdgphotography
Check it out! It still needs a little work..the "about me" section isn't done..its always seems a little weird to me to write about myself...

6. We got our Moby back! ( Our maltese ) we actually just got him yesterday. I was worried about Leighton showing an allergy to him..not so far so good! She can't keep her eyes off him..she frowned a little when he licked her face...and then she cracked up haha.

7. Were eating food! Just one for now...avacados. She LOVED it. Yesterday was her first taste and she wanted to eat it ALL! Were going to take food slowly though..so avocados this week, and I'm thinking butternut squash next week! I don't want to give her to many "sweet" foods and her only want to eat those, so were saving the fun things like bananas and sweet potato for last...such a mean mommy. Im pretty sure I'm getting the nook for Christmas, so Im waiting to buy some baby food books until I get it..that and the baby bullet! :) :)

Im sure there is SO much I'm forgetting. Life has just been so sweet lately. Our home is so full of love, and it can only get better! I look forward to every day with this little girl and my sweet husband. OH and our dog..i feel like I'm going to forget him all the time! haha! poor Moby.

Christmas is upon us! I have 4 people left on my list! If you know me AT ALL you know i LIVE for this time of year. Our Christmas tree is up..most of the gifts are wrapped underneath it, stockings are hung, burlap garland is made ( thank you pintrest ) burlap tree skirt is on the books to be finished this week. Morning coffee is had in snowmen coffee mugs. The rotation of Christmas pajamas has begun for Leighton and myself. And her week of Christmas outfits will begin soon also! I just love it all :)

Be on the look out for:

Blog on the house...pictures of our new little place :)
Blog on 4 months...pictures of the little lady at 4 months old..you can be sure it will be Christmas themed haha!