Monday, April 8, 2013

Our Easter...a beautiful mess

Well, Easter has come and gone. Here I am writing my Easter post. 

This was not the best holiday we've had so far.

Don't get me wrong, Easter is a beautiful day. A day to celebrate our Risen Lord who gave His life so we could live forever in His presence. 

But Easter 2013 was the day of crying, fit throwing, crying, no sleeping, fevers, and more crying.
The tummy bug hit our house 3 weeks ago and has come and gone and come again. We just cant shake this nasty thing!

Anywhoo, here are the only pictures I took of the day. How sad. It IS kind of hard to take pictures when your daughter is clinging to your hair and screaming though, so thats my excuse ;)

L woke up to her Easter basket, she was pretty excited about that! 
I want to create traditions for Leighton. On Valentines she will get a movie in her basket, every year.
On Easter she will get pajamas in her basket. Somehow I didn't get a picture of the adorable cow pajamas, they are so sweet. Every time she wears them she walks around the house moo-ing. Hilarious.

She loved these bunny ears. She wore them while we were hunting eggs too. 

Even though it was a day I don't care to revisit i'm still so thankful for it. For another day with my little loves. For a daughter who is beautiful and smart, and a husband who does whatever i tell him to when said daughter is absolutely losing her mind :)

Were looking forward to next year already!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Late Valentines...

Valentines has come and gone...but I still wanted to blog about it! Ive been so sporadic in blogging..i promise im trying to be better about it!!

I LOVE Valentines Day, Taylor hates it. But we could both agree on the fact that Leighton should feel EXTRA special on V-day! I remember waking up every year on Valentines, running into the kitchen, and on the bar would be a box full of gifts and usually some type of balloon for my sister and me. Its something I will never forget. It was really really important to me to keep that tradition alive for our kid(s).

I went a step further and set up some goodies for Taylor too. One from L, one from me :)

**I didnt look at my camera AT ALL before snapping these, it was on the wrong setting and the images are completely blurry...hard to believe im a photographer ha!**

She loved every single one of her treats. Her favorite was that giant pen, and the movie Happy Feet. She starts shuffling her feet on the floor and saying "dance dance" when I ask her if she wants to watch it. So adorable.

Taylor got a fun red gingham shirt from me and some chocolate "tools" from his little girl. She actually pointed to them at Target and said "daddys!" ....little love.

Erin stopped by with her bunch on their way to their school v-day party. We were still in our jammies but we wanted a pic of all the cousins. Of course just because we wanted it they would not co-operate. I LOVE their expressions in the group picture, TOTALLY them.

**again with the blurry pics...i apologize.**

Hope your day was special!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hollyn's Wish List

My sweet sweet niece Hollyn turned ONE last month, with the holidays it was just TOO crazy to plan her the perfect first birthday she deserved, so my sister put it off until the first weekend of Feb! Its going to be a valentines theme at my house. I cant wait to shower that little angel with love, gifts, and kisses! We sent out a "wish list" with her invitations, but Erin wanted me to create a blog with more ideas for family and friends. Im ALL about birthday wish lists, I would love it if everyone did them, makes shopping SO much quicker and easier. Especially for those kids who seem to have "everything"

Here is this list we sent out with the invites...

Here some other ideas! They are all from Target, Dillards, and Pottery Barn!

1- Hollyn loves music, and she loves to hit things. So this little piano would be perfect for both! :) and in stores!

2- Portable music player. I love this, I asked for this when Leighton turned one, we didn't get it but i still think it would be great! Easy to use, and perfect for the carseat/stroller! and in stores!

3- Mini i-phone. For all the obvious reasons. Our kids love our iphones, wether we want them to or not! This one is water resistant, PERFECT for all the baby drool ;) Sold online only,

4- Leighton got her first Potter Barn "anywhere" chair for Christmas. Shes obsessed with it. Erin was dissapointed she didnt ask for one, and Im a little jealous because they JUST released with single monogram frame! I LOVE it! This will be perfect for out of town/state families who want to send something! ( if you have questions over color, address etc email me! )

5- Well, she IS a girl, so clothes are always acceptable ;) These are just some fun examples from The Ralph Lauren rugby dress is so easy and adorable. As for the Nike, im on a Nike wether Erin is or not this made the cut! I can just see her chub legs in those leggings! AH!

6- Its coming up on swim season, and both of these mint retro swimsuits are SOOO cute. The cut on the legs of the first one (with the yellow) are screaming to be on Hollyn, she was MADE for this swimsuit.

7- This is probably my favorite. Im a sucker for a monogram, add that adorable chubby whale and im sold!! Who says you can't be accessorized to a tee at the pool? (any questions email me)

8- Heres some examples for shoes for little H! I think Erin would love those chucks, but the sandals are so precious to!

9- Shayne (Hollyns big sis) has some super cute luggage, so its only appropriate that Hollyn have some too! PLUS were traveling to California this summer, so shes definitely going to need something! This one from Pottery Barn is kind of perfect. I think im going to have to get Leighton one to! (i can say with confidence Erin would HATE that flower if you plan on ordering this please contact me first!)

Well, hope that helps some! Cant wait to see you all at our sweethearts party! for questions!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Spring is in the air...

It was 76 degrees yesterday. In January. Im a HUGE lover of all things fall/winter, but having a child makes the warmer seasons extremely inviting! I cant wait to get outside, play in the yard, go on walks, to the park, zoo, all of it! I do love spring, especially the fashion. Leighton is my little play toy now when it comes to clothes and accessories, she LOVES LOVES putting her clothes on, taking all my belts and draping them over herself. She adores jewelry and all things "feminine" its too much fun! SO i made a spring favs list for L..things were loving, things were needing..just things!

1. So this is random, but we have been introduced to Barbie movies. L's cousin Shayne is the Barbie movie EXPERT. If youve never seen her videos on my sisters FB page your missing out. Its full out performances, amazing. Leighton watched one with her the other day and she didnt move the entire time. They are only $5 at Target so we grabbed the Princess and the Pauper. She now twirls around the living room dancing and singing just like her cousin. Were not big TV watchers..but when we are these are our new "go-to" along with the always dependable Strawberry Shortcake.

2. My girl loves accessories. Hats (which is my favorite word that she says) are her favorite. She tries to put them all on at once. This one from Old Navy is so adorable.

3. These sunnies from Baby Gap are so bizarre and quirky. I think her face would look EXTRA round with them on. Love baby cheeks.

4. Paul Frank makes these Ray-Ban inspired shade for Target! PLEASE PLEASE Abilene Target get baby needs them!!

5. Um, these are all from Nordstroms, and I think they are all a necessity. Seriously. Those Converse are so stinking cute, I love how light weight they are. The Kenneth Cole sandals are my favorite though. That elastic band around the ankle looks comfortable, and they seem much easier to get on and off than messing with tiny buckles! Now the studded Ash high tops are just for fun, but they are so cute! I can just see them on her chunky legs! ah!

6. Its getting close to swim season! Im still on the fence about bikinis..just cant decide. If i do opt for one this adorable one from Baby Gap will be coming home with us, it had me at floral! The 50s styled one piece is simple and cute, love the polka dots!

7. Yall i have this "thing" for floral printed denim. I feel like I cant walk around in it all day everyday, but if I could I totally would! Since there are fashion laws for adults I will strut my tiny person around in them instead. Pretty sure no one is going to judge her, especially if shes rocking that maroon jumper from Baby Gap. Or the blue shortall, or the cream jeans...ahhhhhh!

8. Now, there are days on end in the summer where i just throw on some work out shorts with a tank and call it a day. What a bum right? Well, im pretty sure if Leighton is coordinating her mother in some Nike tempo shorts nobody will notice that i didnt shower! These are so cute they make me crazy! Do they make baby racer back tanks? Oh geeze, if they do we are in trouble!! (Dillards)

Well, thats what L is loving for spring. What are your little ones pining over??

Friday, January 18, 2013

Consider It Joy

Im feeling overwhelmed today. Its just one of those days, you know the ones, that follow the nights of little to no sleep, that just creep up on you out of nowhere and leave you mentally drained. Where all the little things you've been praying over, dreaming of, wondering, making lists about, they all cram themselves together in your brain and you feel SO bombarded all of a sudden? Yea, its one of those day.

A friend of mine Amber writes a blog, and she just changed the name to "Consider it Joy" she wrote a great post a couple weeks ago about trying her hardest to "Consider it Joy" in the midst of chaos and struggles. I hopped on here feeling beat down and drug out, i read it over again and today I'm going to "Consider it Joy" that..

My 17 month old daughter has bronchitis and is on steroid treatments that make her a wild animal.

That she's cutting canine teeth

AND just started Wonder Week 75..ugh.

I will "Consider it Joy" when...

I keep questioning the future..

When will we build a home?

When will we be financially stable?

When will we have another baby? Will it be a boy we've been dreaming of?

When will my photography take off like I pray for it to?

I will try my best to "Consider it Joy" I will be joyful in the exhaustion, the frustration, the doubt, because JOYFULLY in the middle of all of the confusion, is a God who loves me, who will never leave me, who NEEDS me.

Also I came across this on Pinterest, and thought it was pretty much perfect for today. Im going to do something with it for Leightons room, soon!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holy 16 months!!!

I feel like i should say something like "WOW I haven't blogged in forever!" but i feel like that would just be stating the obvious. I mean its been a month, a MONTH! Im happy to say my absence is due to being INSANELY busy with photo shoots, praise Jesus! So I'm certain that makes up for it ;)

L turns 16 months old on wednesday! THAT is just as crazy as my blogging hiatus! We've got a toddler on our hands people. She's sassy, she's got a little attitude on her like you wouldn't believe, she's hilarious and laughs about 90% of the day, she runs almost everywhere, she still loves putting things in her mouth, she still loves eating, she's pretty much "awesome" as her daddy would say.

Heres a few pictures my sister snapped of us, and some I took of L. The photographers kid is rebelling from the camera, can you really blame her though? So i apologize for the lack on focus, and smiling haha.

At 16 MO Leighton has become very verbal. She literally doesn't stop talking all day long. She still gets a little gun shy in public, and really doesn't say much besides laughing her goober laugh (if you've never heard it your missing out, its the most ridiculous thing ever ) She CAN say....

Hi, Bye, All done, No, Yes, Thank you, Please, Up, Down, Dog, Woofwoof, Moo, Quack, Duck, Cow, Tiger (she has the best rawr and growl you've ever heard ) Erin, GiGi, Shayne, Mommy, Daddy, Bop, Meme, Papa, Nana, Nina, Grandpa (pretty impressed with that one ) Granny, Ace and Lucy (neighbors dogs) Lance, Reindeer, Santa, Tree, Snowman, and Jesus.

Just because she CAN say them does not guarantee she will.

She still loves to dance, and sing. Her new favorite is Strawberry Shortcake, Mickey Mouse is a close second :)

Kids and babies fascinate her and I'm pretty sure she would keep her cousin Hollyn forever if I let her. She also has a strong obsession with feet....gross. She spends a lot of time playing with her shoes and bows, she puts headbands/bows/hats on and goes to look at herself in the mirror. Such a girl ;)

I think its safe to say I'm still her favorite person, daddy would be second, Lance- our friend, landlord, neighbor and her crush - is third, then any girl from The Currie clan is a tie for fourth!

Were in the process of dropping to one nap. Ive been putting if off, trying EVERYTHING to make it last, but I know its time and I just need to bite the bullet. I hate changing sleep patterns in the middle of the holidays, its a nightmare, but it needs to be done. Ive always said around 16 months she would be ready...and she is. So all of my sleep training mamas be thinking of us haha!

She's a total goober and we couldn't be happier. Even when I get a full slap to the face I love her so much it hurts! ....literally :)

Monday, November 5, 2012


IM HAVING A NOVEMBER MINI-SESSION SPECIAL! So be awesome and go book a shoot! You KNOW you wanna ;)

Shout out to Kristina Akers over at Everyday Lovely for the design! I pretty much use her for everything, art in my home, L's first birthday invites, Christmas invites, and now this! SO you need go check her out, her blog ( above ) or her website: saint I promise you won't be disappointed!!