Friday, January 25, 2013

Spring is in the air...

It was 76 degrees yesterday. In January. Im a HUGE lover of all things fall/winter, but having a child makes the warmer seasons extremely inviting! I cant wait to get outside, play in the yard, go on walks, to the park, zoo, all of it! I do love spring, especially the fashion. Leighton is my little play toy now when it comes to clothes and accessories, she LOVES LOVES putting her clothes on, taking all my belts and draping them over herself. She adores jewelry and all things "feminine" its too much fun! SO i made a spring favs list for L..things were loving, things were needing..just things!

1. So this is random, but we have been introduced to Barbie movies. L's cousin Shayne is the Barbie movie EXPERT. If youve never seen her videos on my sisters FB page your missing out. Its full out performances, amazing. Leighton watched one with her the other day and she didnt move the entire time. They are only $5 at Target so we grabbed the Princess and the Pauper. She now twirls around the living room dancing and singing just like her cousin. Were not big TV watchers..but when we are these are our new "go-to" along with the always dependable Strawberry Shortcake.

2. My girl loves accessories. Hats (which is my favorite word that she says) are her favorite. She tries to put them all on at once. This one from Old Navy is so adorable.

3. These sunnies from Baby Gap are so bizarre and quirky. I think her face would look EXTRA round with them on. Love baby cheeks.

4. Paul Frank makes these Ray-Ban inspired shade for Target! PLEASE PLEASE Abilene Target get baby needs them!!

5. Um, these are all from Nordstroms, and I think they are all a necessity. Seriously. Those Converse are so stinking cute, I love how light weight they are. The Kenneth Cole sandals are my favorite though. That elastic band around the ankle looks comfortable, and they seem much easier to get on and off than messing with tiny buckles! Now the studded Ash high tops are just for fun, but they are so cute! I can just see them on her chunky legs! ah!

6. Its getting close to swim season! Im still on the fence about bikinis..just cant decide. If i do opt for one this adorable one from Baby Gap will be coming home with us, it had me at floral! The 50s styled one piece is simple and cute, love the polka dots!

7. Yall i have this "thing" for floral printed denim. I feel like I cant walk around in it all day everyday, but if I could I totally would! Since there are fashion laws for adults I will strut my tiny person around in them instead. Pretty sure no one is going to judge her, especially if shes rocking that maroon jumper from Baby Gap. Or the blue shortall, or the cream jeans...ahhhhhh!

8. Now, there are days on end in the summer where i just throw on some work out shorts with a tank and call it a day. What a bum right? Well, im pretty sure if Leighton is coordinating her mother in some Nike tempo shorts nobody will notice that i didnt shower! These are so cute they make me crazy! Do they make baby racer back tanks? Oh geeze, if they do we are in trouble!! (Dillards)

Well, thats what L is loving for spring. What are your little ones pining over??

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