Friday, January 18, 2013

Consider It Joy

Im feeling overwhelmed today. Its just one of those days, you know the ones, that follow the nights of little to no sleep, that just creep up on you out of nowhere and leave you mentally drained. Where all the little things you've been praying over, dreaming of, wondering, making lists about, they all cram themselves together in your brain and you feel SO bombarded all of a sudden? Yea, its one of those day.

A friend of mine Amber writes a blog, and she just changed the name to "Consider it Joy" she wrote a great post a couple weeks ago about trying her hardest to "Consider it Joy" in the midst of chaos and struggles. I hopped on here feeling beat down and drug out, i read it over again and today I'm going to "Consider it Joy" that..

My 17 month old daughter has bronchitis and is on steroid treatments that make her a wild animal.

That she's cutting canine teeth

AND just started Wonder Week 75..ugh.

I will "Consider it Joy" when...

I keep questioning the future..

When will we build a home?

When will we be financially stable?

When will we have another baby? Will it be a boy we've been dreaming of?

When will my photography take off like I pray for it to?

I will try my best to "Consider it Joy" I will be joyful in the exhaustion, the frustration, the doubt, because JOYFULLY in the middle of all of the confusion, is a God who loves me, who will never leave me, who NEEDS me.

Also I came across this on Pinterest, and thought it was pretty much perfect for today. Im going to do something with it for Leightons room, soon!

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