Friday, September 28, 2012

Be Still...

Today I spent my morning walk with Leighton just thanking God. Thanking him for everything. You know how you say your nightly prayers, spend some time in devotion, sing some songs along with the radio..which are wonderful and good things..but lately I've felt like I'm just "doing" them, not DOING them. Yea, that makes no sense, but its my blog so it doesn't really have to ;)

What I mean is I breathed in the air, and just let it out with thanks., you, your neighbor, all of us, WE are so blessed. Would I love to have a bigger house, of course..but the one I have is a blessing, a beautiful warm blessing. Could I use more money...WHO COULDN'T?! But we are provided for continually..again and again. Would I like Leighton to be the most well behaved, best sleeping, healthiest, happiest child that has ever been born? Yes, but she isn't ever going to be that, and she's a perfectly perfect mess. Do i want my husband to spend all day every day at home with us ? Ok..maybe not ALL day EVERY day..but duh we would love more time with him. But God saw fit for him to work, with is hands, earning every penny, doing what he loves, and thats the way it should be.

What I'm trying to say is, I spend SO much time wishing, and thinking of the future, and praying for this and for that, and not NEAR enough time THANKING our Heavenly father for the blessings that are pouring down on me right this very minute. I pray for release from my "earthly" desires. I want so much that there is just no need for. Will those new boots be the salvation of my soul? Will that new rug be played back to me when I stand and watch the works of my life at the feet of God? No...they won't. The time I spent in devotion to God will be..and I really really want to increase that time of my lives "video" don't you?

Got a little deep there...sorry! HA! Im going to just spend this day, and every day the best I can, in thanks. That way i really feel EACH blessing come upon me, something amazing and overwhelming , little presents from our God that say "Hey, you, stubborn girl, I LOVE YOU"


Sunday, September 16, 2012

..Just talking!

Its Sunday..Leighton is napping, Taylor is next door finishing up the TV console he is building, and Im sitting here in sweats bored. Theres like 400 things I could talk about, 3 photo shoots I could be editing, a bathroom I could be know..the "stuff" that needs to get done. Only thing is i have no desire what so ever to do any of I will waste some time rambling on here!

Ive been in such a decorating mood lately, its all I want to do! Endless amounts of cash would sure help, or just a couple extra $ :)
My girl is such a toddler lately..her personality is peeking through and boy does she know what she wants..likes..doesnt want..what makes her laugh..every day is new with her now! SO much fun!
I have had 6 pumpkin spice latees in the past 4 not proud of this.
Im the complete opposite of a hoarder, i want to sell/donate/throw away everything all the time. Erin and I just finished our consignment lists for Dittos For Kiddos and I have almost $600 worth of items in there..thats insannnnne to me. I came home and thought hmmmmm, what ELSE can i add? Psycho..
Sometimes I feel like I forget where I am in life, like I'm a married 26 year old stay at home mom of a one year old little girl. Not a 21 year old with $ and free time..
I had some amazing friends. Every single one of them is different. But there are for the most part to "groups" of my married mom friends..who are all my age. These friends don't like here....they all live in other OR they work full time. Then I have my younger friends, who are in the 21-24 year old range. Some are married, single, dating, etc. Some work, go to school or both. THESE friends all live near me, and I see them all the time. Sometimes its with these friends I forget my age haha. They are always on the go, having fun, living life, and sometimes I need a good reminder that I, am no longer "on the go". Theres nothing wrong with that, Im just in a different place, that they, someday will be as well.
Taylor and I saw a girl (12ish) at the mall with her family today, wearing denim shorts so small they might as well have been underwear, with a short short shirt. Um, no. I told Taylor I hope Leighton is always SO in tune with fashion, that that kind of thing just never appeals to her. Because lets be honest, if it does, she's never leaving the house! ....kidding....kind of.
We ALSO saw a guy wearing linen cut off american flag shorts that were as tight as volleyball shorts with a white button up tucked in and dress shoes....most bizarre fashion day at the mall ever!
Im working on a elephant art piece for the living room..ill post it when I'm finished! HOPEFULLY tomorrow..
Its official, Leighton loves the Michael Buble C-mas mother like daughter.
I made sugar cookies last night and ate 8 of them...gag.
Yesterday I said to Taylor, "Everyone in this family needs new shoes!" and instantly felt like a 40 year old mom..
I went to Starbucks, Target, and ROSS with JUST Erin and Shayne yesterday during baby was so refreshing. It was a glimpse of what fun L and I will be having sooner than I can imagine, sure we will be dragging little Baby Boston ( our un-concieved son )with us but still fun!

well....i should probably go be productive...thanks for sticking around while unloaded on you :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I haven't done a favorite's post in FOREVER...actually I haven't blogged in what feels like forever! I guess I've been busy..yeah ill go with that!

SO ITS FALLLLL! ...well not "technically"...but in Megan land it is, yes, Megan land is a great place, you should visit. Its very clean, everything in perfect order, crafting and baking are a daily thing, and there is an ever flowing bounty of coffee and wine...sign...

Ok back to the real world. My sister and I celebrate the "embers" which begin in Sept"ember" and run through Dec"ember"...get it? Yea were so clever. Christmas season officially begins for us on Sept. shopping starts up, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby CDs start popping out...its perfect. BUT I do love fall..the cool weather, the leaves turning, i mixed up a little "fall faves" list for ya...what are you loving for fall?!


Fall TV is my favorite. We don't have cable ( collective gasp! ) so anything local is what were watching. I love love love love The Voice..if Christian Aguilera would quit it would be even BETTER! I want to be best friend with Cee-Lo...but I'm afraid I'm not cool enough :/

SMASH is a show Taylor and I got into last year, i love musicals, but I can't STAND Glee...i think this is somewhere in-between haha! OH I should also mention my obsession with Up All Night with Christina Applegate...i love how it mirrors the same walk of life I'm in right now..not to mention its just stupid funny!


In Megan land, coffee is always acceptable...even when its 105 outside..but in the fall you can go to S-bucks and get a Pumpkin Spice Lattee without people asking if your sure. ha! in a couple weeks ill be filling up on peppermint mochas..oh the joy!

{ KIDS }

Fall clothing is the best. Last fall Leighton was still so small, but this year her wardrobe options are so wide open and i can't even tell you how excited I am! My little walker is wearing some holes in her Converse chucks..these little beauties will be ordered Oct 1st! CANT WAIT! - FYI


Im not sure if these even need an introduction...or explanation..or sales pitch.
Bath and Body Works. Fall scented. 3 wick candles. That enough? You find a candle that scents your home as well as these and you let me know! THANKS!


Our house is small, not much room for decorations just laying around, especially with a 1 year old. So i will utilizing the front door as much as possible! Im thinking a cute jute/burlap wreath and some fun painted pumpkins, or thumb tack pumpkins. Seriously, how did we ever decorate before pinterest? SO many options, without having to carve, and deal with gnats hovering around your molding pumpkin at the door.

{ FOOD }

I love a good stew..soup..chili..all of the above. I reallllly love making it in a crock pot and smelling it ALL day long. My husband doesn't think this qualifies as a "meal" so i have to make extra things for him. Oh the sacrifices of marriage.. ;)


If I could wear boots and scarves YEAR round I would. I have been obsessing over all combat esque boots and I'm loving these! I have yet to find the right black pair..but I will find you, mark my words! Im so happy the aztec prints that started coming out late summer are sticking around for fall! They make my heart happy!