Monday, February 25, 2013

Late Valentines...

Valentines has come and gone...but I still wanted to blog about it! Ive been so sporadic in blogging..i promise im trying to be better about it!!

I LOVE Valentines Day, Taylor hates it. But we could both agree on the fact that Leighton should feel EXTRA special on V-day! I remember waking up every year on Valentines, running into the kitchen, and on the bar would be a box full of gifts and usually some type of balloon for my sister and me. Its something I will never forget. It was really really important to me to keep that tradition alive for our kid(s).

I went a step further and set up some goodies for Taylor too. One from L, one from me :)

**I didnt look at my camera AT ALL before snapping these, it was on the wrong setting and the images are completely blurry...hard to believe im a photographer ha!**

She loved every single one of her treats. Her favorite was that giant pen, and the movie Happy Feet. She starts shuffling her feet on the floor and saying "dance dance" when I ask her if she wants to watch it. So adorable.

Taylor got a fun red gingham shirt from me and some chocolate "tools" from his little girl. She actually pointed to them at Target and said "daddys!" ....little love.

Erin stopped by with her bunch on their way to their school v-day party. We were still in our jammies but we wanted a pic of all the cousins. Of course just because we wanted it they would not co-operate. I LOVE their expressions in the group picture, TOTALLY them.

**again with the blurry pics...i apologize.**

Hope your day was special!!