Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mama's a MESS!

I am having a moment. Technically its been a week long moment but whatever. an emotional disaster. EVERYTHING has been making me cry, and get all gushy.
Let me be clear that this is not typical for me. Im a matter of fact type person, to the point, down to business girl. But lately, I can feel God changing my heart.

Some examples?

Leighton got two teeth, i cried.

She got a new big girl bath tub, while I was blowing up this adorable inflatable seal bath tub, i cried.

My sister posted a picture of her 2 month old baby in a cute purple stripe hoodie, i cried.

I took pictures of my best friends newborn, 8 day old, tiny baby girl yesterday. While editing the pictures, I cried.

On TV some very bad men kidnapped a baby girl and put her in a freezer truck and when they started to close the door on her ( using her as bait obviously ) she pushed up on her arms and made the saddest face and let out a whimper...i cried and taylor quickly changed the channel.

Leighton rode in the front of the basket at Target the other day with me ( remind you this is NOT the first time she's done this ) when we got in the car i cried.

I was looking over blogs this morning, re-read my friend Brittanys post on her daughters baptism, i cried.

After I sang you are my sunshine to L this morning and walked out of her room, i cried.

Im a blubbering mess. A lot of people around me have new little babies, my sister, kyra, and my sister in law is about to have a precious little girl to. I love talking to them about the littleness, the struggle of newborns, how some days are just not joyful, your sleep deprived, your home is a mess, and in my sisters case, your other other child is going to drive you up the wall. I remember not to long ago I could totally relate. NOW i want to grab them and shake them and say STOP..WAIT..JUST LIVE THIS..because 7 months from now there will be teeth, and bath tubs, and big girl car seats, crawling, talking, and YOU will be a blubbering mess in the front seat of your car in the Target parking lot alone, like a weirdo! And while all these things are good, and fun, and exciting, I will not get those moments back.

I told Taylor yesterday that if all babies are as much fun as Leighton is at 7 months we should just get started on the next. He laughed and said NO...firmly. haha..i agree, we are NOT ready. But oh how I long for the tinniness, the infancy, the little coos while sleeping, how they hold your finger, oooooooo babies.

Until then I will love, cuddle, feed, clean, say no-no 900X to my sweet, chubby, adorable girl. Until she's 30 and allowed to get married and have a baby of her own..then i will steal it and run away. haha!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Leighton Likes Tuesday!

So i missed last Tuesday...whoops! Oh well now theres more to add to today :)

Maybe I will just do every other tuesday..lets just go with least i won't feel bad about missing this way haha!

Heres what Leighton is liking this week!!

1. Im not sure why i separated #1 and #3...i meant to combine i will :)
Leighton has been showing interest in finger foods, so i decided it was time to let her try. My delima was i didn't want her gagging or choking, so i needed something that would dissolve in her mouth! These both work great as training tools for her. The yogurt bites melt really fast, the puffs so not much! The best thing about both is i could read AND pronouce all the ingredients! score! haha!

2. She outgrew her baby bath a long time ago, I've just been lazy about replacing it with something she can actually sit in. She actually has the seal version of this tub, not sure why but the only option online is the duck...hes pretty cute too though! We used it yesterday for the first time and needless to say she LOVED it. She kept trying to kiss the seal and eat his face...typical :)

3. up there with #1. :)

4. Leightons awesome aunt Erin bought her a bunch of Karen Katz books for her first Christmas. To say she likes these books would be a lie..she ONLY wanted to read these books this morning. She wouldn't even play with her touch and feel books. She has 3 of them, "Toes, Ear, and Nose", "Where is babys yummy tummy" and "Grandpa and Me"...they are lift the flap books, and we have read them SO many times she knows where all the flaps are and which direction they go. This morning she did everyone of the by herself...but she's a littttttle rough, so i have to help to make sure she doesn't rip them apart! :)
Im not posting a link because you can literally buy them anywhere...Target, Amazon, Books a Million..etc.

5. My sister Erin has a little girl who is now 3, and i remember her using these all the time. They're called little feeders, you put fruit, vegetables, whatever you want (even ice for tethers ) in them and let them go to town! L used it for the first time yesterday. I shoved half a banana in that thing and it was GONE in 5 minutes! I gave it to her after she ate dinner. I watched her with it and it really is a great way to teach them to chew and streghthen they're jaw. Plus it would have taken me forever to feed her half a banana, she ate while i did dishes..sounds good to me!!!

{warning: its VERY messy, take the clothes off for this FOR SURE }

6. Poor Leighton has been passed down her fathers sensitive skin. She gets red hives everywhere when he kisses her with his bearded face, and if you cary her around naked you can see your hand marks all over her looks like we beat her...i swear we don't :) so i knew with all the walks we are about to be taking, and outdoor summer stuff i needed to get some sunblock. I wanted something that was chemical free, hypo allergenic, and PABA free..FOUND IT! and at my favorite place..Target! It also has green tea, and they swear it doesn't come off in water. The negative? Its $18...thats a lot. So use sparingly! PS...this line also has bug repellent, all the washing stuff, creams, and they make the sunblock in a roll on stick! cool!

Monday, March 19, 2012

sweet sweet seven

NO ONE told me about seven months. Seriously. Where were all of you at to warn me? I should have been preparing for this by now! I mean someone should have told me how AWESOME 7 month olds are!!!

In all seriousness this is the "funnest" month yet hands down! My baby doesn't feel so baby, she seems more...pre-toddler haha! I mean beside the fact that she's the size of a small toddler and all! :)

Weight/Height: At her 6 month well check she was 18.7 lbs (90th%) 23 inches (75th%) and her head was in the 75% as well. A week later she got strep, and weighed in at 17.3 lbs, I'm pretty sure we've gained it all back though! I can squeeze her into some of her 6-9 month clothes and pajamas, but 9 months fits the best :) size 3 diapers during the day, size 4 at night. I don't know if I've ever clarified but we wear bigger diapers at night so the wetness doesn't wake her! works like a dream!

Motor skills/Development: GOOD Lord this child is everywhere! Our biggest thing is obviously sitting, crawling, and standing in bed. She does it every time I lay her down. She will practice all her new skills anywhere from 10 mins - 1 hour! Its been a week since it began, and nothing has really changed, I'm not sure if I should just let her ride it out, and see if she eventually gets bored with it all, or if at some point i will intervene and try something new. Any ideas?

She has become quiet the talker. She mostly says "bababa" over and over, but she has said mama, dada, and bye-bye! That one shocked me! It just came out one day..shes only done it once, but at least i know she can! She also tries to wave bye-bye, its really a flailing arm, but hey its something!

She's starting to pull up on things, and is SO close to crawling I'm sure by the time I write this next month she will be all over the place! {my floors will be the cleanest in town! haha }

Taylor and I get a kick out of her ..umm.. determined attitude when she wants something. She will sit really still and then literally LEAP for it. Its hilarious. Sometimes we put things out in front of her that she can't the remote, cell phone, mobys dog toy, to get her to try and crawl. such sweet parents haha!! Speaking of cell phones she's obsessed with them..if i don't put it on speaker she just stares at me with this angry face..silly girl.

Ive been really lazy about the straw cup, i need to work on it much more this month. I want her off a bottle by 9 months, so its time to get serious! haha!

Food/Diet: We've had a few changes here. Dr Capra wanted us to be giving her 5 ounces of formula more throughout the day. So she cut back just a little on solids and moved up in milk a little. She now has 5 6oz bottles a day, I really am hoping by 8 months we will be down to just 4 feedings a day. She has started to not like to eat in the morning, any one else's babies this way? 2 bites in and she's done! I hate eating in the morning, so maybe she just isn't ready for it..hmm.

We have been starting to get ready for finger foods. I gave her a yogurt melt and she chewed it up like a champ. We've been working on those. I bought some puffs to try, maybe later this week ill give those a shot. I just want her to work on things that dissolve before I try real finger foods!

The only new thing we tried recently was peaches and asparagus. Leighton loves green vegetables. Fruit is her least favorite food, with the exception of bananas.

We've had:

Avocados-Still her fav.
Green beans-Second fav.
Asparagus-Third fav.
Butternut Squash
Sweet Potatoes
Apples-bad reaction
Pears-bad reaction

This month I've got zucchini, carrots, and plain organic yogurt that were going to introduce!

Sleep/Independence: Leighton has hit the stage where she notices when I'm not around. Really the only time she wasn't ok with it was when she was sick. Like mother like daughter. I always want my mom when I'm sick, to this day, and I'm 25. ha! Other than that she's totally fine playing by herself! Her night sleep is perfect, she had been waking up around 5 am and playing for 30 mins or so and going back to sleep. Now somewhere between 5 and 6 she just says like 2 words and passes back out. Some days she wakes around 6:40ish...i leave her until 7:00. Those days she doesn't stay awake long in the morning before nap. This whole playing before bed throws off eat/wake/sleep times for me so right now her schedule isn't set in stone so i won't list it. Even when she doesn't get a full nap, she's still SO much fun. She's hardly ever fussy, she plays and laughs and LOVES LOVES when she wakes up from nap and theres visitors at our house!

I totally forgot to mention we now have TWO teeth! I have been waiting on those suckers to pop out for what seems like FOREVER and they are finally here! Just the tippy top is showing but i don't care! Leighton refuses to let me take a picture of them...shes always afraid I'm putting oragel in her mouth hahaha! Im not going to lie, when the first one came through i cried. Thank goodness I was alone and no one saw, but i did, i totally did. Its just so big girl to me. Everything is pouring down on us, one thing after the other, and I feel like I'm losing time! Blessed seems like such a small word compared to what my heart feels. I thank God everyday for my little girl. I thank him for her spirit, her joyful heart, her love. I thank him for leading me to a way of raising her that helps her flourish. Every day someone tells me how happy she is, how content she seems, what a "good" baby is what they say. Yes, she is good. She is happy, she is part of our family, but she does not RUN it. My 10 year old sister asked me the other day "Um, does she EVER cry?" This was after she spent 3 days in a row with me. I thank the Lord for Babywise. People may disagree with it, but it really has helped me be a better mother :) And have you looked at these pictures? Someone please tell me this child isn't a joy!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break Strep


Beyond annoyed by this. Strep, ear infections, and both bottom two front teeth are just RIIIIIIGHT there..and refuse to come through. Her dr was just as surprised as i was that she had strep again..just a week and a half after she got over the last round of it. He put her on a stronger anti-biotic {not thrilled} for 10 days. I ordered her some drops for her ears that aren't antibiotics, even though he said the medication for the strep would knock out the ear infection too.

This is the perfect example to me of why I don't like antibiotics. You give them to your child, and not 2 weeks later they are sick again. There are times, like strep in an infant, that antibiotics are my only choice, but that doesn't mean I agree with what they are doing to her little body. Of course I would rather battle this out that possibly suffer liver or brain damage due to untreated strep, but her little body just struggles with it so much. Its all "unseen" of course. From the outside she's fine, theres no side effects, not even diarrhea yet...probiotics once a day help with that, but I know whats happening inside. The drugs are killing all the bacteria in her body, good and bad, so while she is getting better from the strep, her immune system is down, theres not much there to battle anything else that comes her way while she's on the meds, her Dr seems to acknowledge this, "no kissing on the lips" were his orders haha. He thinks she most likely re-infected herself, something i missed in my crazy sanitation/boiling of toys session, her sophie...ooooof course. the one thing she plays with all day every day. Miss Sophie is going to get a nice boil today :)

My little sister Breanna has been spending a lot of time at our house over spring break while my mom works. What a JOY it has been having her here, she is such a big help, and she loves loves loves Leighton!! I get to do dishes, laundry, clean the house, take a long shower, and not feel bad about it because baby girl is getting more than enough attention!!

Tuesday I also took a little photoshoot of Breanna, she is a natural, 90% of the poses and "faces" she does all on her own, and she had endless ideas. She is a beauty for sure, look out mom, you thought it was rough with me and are in for some serious work with this one! haha! good thing theres not a TON of boys to chase in Anson ha!

Heres some of my favs from our session..

okay i know i said a few, but its too hard to choose! Is it wrong to be jealous of a 10 year old? Those crazy blue eyes, full lips, pretty pale skin, thick hair..what a brat ;)

Leightons 7 month post coming soon, along with St. Pattys day cousin photo shoot! :)

Friday, March 9, 2012


So i opened this post and have no clue what i want to talk type about?!
haha! Im in a rambling mood..there seems to be a lot going on lately..

My friend Kyra is at the hospital across town as we speak in labor! Eek! She's having her precious little baby girl Eden Ann today..I want to be there bossing around nurses, making sure everything is in order, does she have her delivery gown I gave her ready to put on after? Did she give the nurse her baby book to put her footprints in? The Mama Megan side of me is itching...and yes, most of my friends called me Mama Megan before I was even married..i just can't help it!

I keep thinking about how her life is going to COMPLETLEY change..forever. Its amazing the work God does through us when he blesses us with children. Ive never been tested, pushed, blessed, or loved like I have since I've had Leighton. Cant wait to meet her Kyra!

A while back Erin and I hit up the dollar section at Target and got some silly props to do holiday themed photo shoots for all the girls! So far we have the stuff for St. Patricks Day and Easter, we kinda missed the boat on V-day..o well! Speaking of Easter i REALLY want to make Leightons basket..not like weave the thing, just paint one, put her name on it, etc. I like the idea of her using the same basket every year!! I should probably get started on that...

I REALLY should be editing pictures, but I have no motivation right now...mabye tomorrow?

Were FINALLY almost finished with Leightons room! Yea just 7 months later! haha! If you remember we didn't move into our own home until she was 3 months I had a late start! I had some custom framed pieces made for her room...they should be in soon, ill post pics when its all officially hanging! Mabye by 8 months?

L had her 6 month shots yesterday..10 days shy from 7 months..ha! She did NOT handle it well! She was already tired...and hungry...and she just LOST it. Poor thing.

My dad was here for a couple days!! He lives in California, so we love when he comes in town! He's usually in Fort Worth or Austin for a cow sale...but always drives in to see us! Last time he was here L was 3 months old, and Erin was still pregnant! Big changes dad! haha! He is SERIOUSLY out numbered...twin girls, one who has 2 little girls, and the other (me) has one! I really will TRY for a boy next time dad! :)

I really..and I mean REALLY want to go shopping. I haven't been shopping in i don't know how long! Sure i randomly grab a shirt on the clearance rack..or new socks or something..but I want a day..just me..walking around the mall, or target. or TJ Maxx, or wherever...just getting a few things i REALLY want. Life has seriously changed in my fashion world since I quit my job...selling high end clothing, and dressing up every day was something i seriously took for granted! haha! I got to shop while I worked..which was great! and ooooo how I miss the shopping, and discount! ha! Im not a BIG shopper..Ive never bought tons of stuff..just things i really really love!...ok enough of that sob story..

We will be doing some traveling around always so nervous traveling with Leighton. Will she sleep ok in the pack and play? Will she be happy or fussy with our family? PLUS Taylor wants her to stay the night with his mom one night while we stay at the bed and breakfast...which i am completley FREAKING out about! I totally trust his mom, and a night alone with my husband sounds fantastic....but I haven't left her before, and I'm all torn up over it haha! someone tell me I'm not crazy..that you would be the same way?

Well, gotta go get ready...i see a trip to Abilene Regional delivery ward in my very near future! ( just broke her water! )

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Leighton Likes Tuesday!!

Im going to be referring to Tuesday as "Leighton Likes" Day..

I dont know if I will always have this much stuff to post on every week, probably just one new thing! But since this is the first post ill just throw em all out there! :)

1. Technically this is something I enjoy, BUT my girl loves to eat, and without this making baby food would be a serious pain! The only thing I don't blend in here is bananas, she would just rather eat them mashed with a spoon! L's sweet grandparents got us this for Christmas this past year and I have put it to SERIOUS use! It comes with everything shown in the picture, and you can get it from the retail web site, Target online, or Bed Bath and Beyond online! Its deff worth the investment!

2. This straw trainer cup is great! First of all its super cute, I love watching her hold it "like a big girl", and its actually a developmental milestone. Did you know sippy cups are considered a handicap in teaching your baby how to drink? Thats why some kids are attached to those things forever! Plus the longer they drink from them..the more likely they are to develop speech thanks! I will say the straw leaks if you don't close the tab after a while..but other than that we love it!

3. Little Remedies and Little Tummies make great products! Everything is made with just the right amount of "medication" needed, no more than what your little baby needs! I struggled with L's cradle cap for awhile, and by struggled I mean i was totally grossed out and picked at it constantly, put hats, headbands, bows, whatever I could do to hide it from everyone haha! She could have cared less! I tried this cradle cap lotion and its AWESOME! You put a small amount on the area, brush it in, then just leave it. Then when you bathe them you dry their heads, and re-brush the area. Its totally disgusting but it just starts flaking off! It took about a week and a half for it to be gone completely, and anytime I think her head looks dry in places we use it! And I'm not for sure if its the lotion, or just because her scalp is healthier..but her hair is coming in so thick and soft! Yay!

4. My child is a WILD teether! I mean W.I.L.D. And its literally all over her mouth, back to her molars! Her doctor said she might just have sensitive gums. Let me tell you how excited i am about that..geeze. She loves to chew on things, especially her Sophie giraffe. So it was only fitting that when my sister, and likely Leighton's favorite person ever, saw a new teether product at Target she scooped it up for her! This one you guys is seriously cool, and probably the funniest thing I've ever seen in her mouth. Its shaped like a mouth guard, with special ridges in it. Its said to be a more natural way to teeth, meaning you aren't just shoving something squishy in your mouth and going to town. This one actually works certain areas of the gums to massage sore spots, and work teeth through in less time! Cool huh! Plus she looks like a little football player chewing on it haha! Thanks aunt Erin for the best find this month!!

5. To say I'm obsessed with rompers would be an understatement. Who wouldn't want to see her rolly little thighs in a bubble romper?! Summer...please hurry....we can't wait much longer!! Leighton owns all 3 of these little cuties thanks to, once again, aunt Erin!!! The cherry one is ridiculous, she's worn it twice on some very warm days and I die a little every time, its just so cute!!

6. Leighton is starting to out grow her "baby" the play mat etc. She's moving onto bigger and better things! Her Bop and Granny got her this for Christmas! We pulled two of the legs off, so it leans on the floor, and we both sit in front of it and play! Im trying to teach her things like "open-close" "turn" "push" etc. She will do it about 40% of the time...the other 60% she just likes to slam her hands into it and see what will happen..both ways she loves it haha!

Well thats all for this week! I have a feeling nap time will end early lovely neighbor decided 8:30 would be a good time to trip the metal poles on his fence...what a genius :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Strep....Yuck! little girl has strep throat. Im still totally confused as to how she even GOT strep throat...shes a stay at home baby, we are hardly EVER around other kids, besides my sisters two girls, and while they are in daycare neither of them have had strep recently..nevertheless she has it! I actually wouldn't have found out until next thursday at her well check if I hadn't taken her into the Dr. yesterday! She had just been acting really strange. I wrote on the post before last that Leighton had started taking all her naps again, sleeping through the night etc. Well last Sunday she started waking around 5:00 am, then wouldn't take her full naps at all. That was the first sign something was off, then her appetite decreased, she's been eating about the same amount of formula and solids since 5 months old, so I knew something was up when she started to do that. Then came the ear for sure I thought ear infection, I could treat that naturally, so I wasn't worried about it. Then she started gagging on nothing, and randomly throwing up...not baby spit up..vomit. weird? So yesterday I consented and called the Dr.

First of all let me tell you how much we love our Dr. He's the sweetest, most loving, Christian man, he always ALWAYS makes me feel like I'm NOT crazy, he assures me, lets me know people are praying for her...something Drs normally don't say...and tells me how perfect she is every time. We just love him. He doesn't totally see eye-to-eye with my holistic approach to things, but he's respectful of it and thats enough for me!! My life is a constant battle with 50% people who agree with it, and 50% people who don't. And thats totally fine, I'm not shoving it down anyones throat, you raise your way...ill raise mine..and we will all be ok! :)

So anywhoo! He looked in her ears, no infection at all, Looked at her teeth, said absolutely no teeth what-so-ever.. ( great! )..he also said she might just be a sensitive teether..loooovely. Then he checked her throat. The MINUTE he finally got the tongue depressor down there, and away from my child who automatically assumed it needed to be consumed, along with the paper they cover the tables with, his stethoscope, and everything else in arms reach..all he said was "Oh MY!" He let me know her tonsils were extremely inflamed, blood red, and COVERED in puss pockets. :( poor girl, she had been battling strep for almost a full week and I didn't know! He said based on her attitude he would have never guessed something was wrong with her. She was literally cracking up, playing with everything, singing, talking, being so fun! She always is! Well, at least I can be thankful she's good at being sick, she must get that from me, deff not her daddy!! :)

So I left with my sick child, a prescription in hand, and $25 less in my bank account. And of course the fill the prescription, or try something else. I sat in the car, sent a couple messages to friends, called a couple people, dropped the prescription off "just-in-case" and went home to do some research..duh haha! After about 2 hours, while Leighton was napping, and talking to some friends again, I realized there is absolutely NO holistic treatment for strep throat, actually one all natural web site I usually look at said that they recommend on children under 2 to TAKE the anti-biotic. Strep untreated in infants can cause kidney failure and brain damage! I had NO idea. They did however recommend to up their pro-biotic intake, and to make sure they were still on vitamin D and Elderberry supplements to make sure their immune systems remained functioning at a high rate, since the antibiotic was going to kill the bad AND good bacteria in her body. So with a heavy heart, I'm giving Leighton the prescription, along with probiotics, elderberry and vitamin D. I know it won't kill her, it probably won't even have long term effects on her, but I hate the idea of the "maybe" aspect in there. Praying she won't get it again for a long, long, time. Or anything else for that matter! RSV in January, Strep in February..March- be good to us please! :)