Thursday, August 23, 2012

one one one!!

In all the craziness i realized i never wrote my one year post! So here it is...late...but so goes life!

We had our one year check up! As usual the shots killed me, Taylor was in charge and Breanna and I just sat in the chairs holding our ears. The cries get worse the older they get. She was perfectly healthy, 21 lbs ( 75th% ) and 31in (90th%) !! tall girl!
He was impressed with how well she walks, and we all laughed when she started barking at him like a dog (theres dogs on the wallpaper haha) She has 3 teeth all the way through, and the other top 3 are all cutting through her gums at the same time..ouch! He said her bottom back molars are swelling up under the gums and to expect them to push through as soon as her front teeth are done. Oh what fun were in for ;)

Leighton has become the little comedian of the house, and grocery store, and pretty much everywhere we go. You will see her coming and hear us will get waves, blown kisses, and she will point and you and tell you to "GO!" she loves loves loves going to visit aunt erin at the daycare and to boss the big kids...its pretty funny!

She's saying more and more words, and even when its nothing discernible its non-stop chatter! So far I have hear her say " hi, bye-bye, mama, dada, dog, woof woof, duck, moo, bop, all done, oh no, go, she tries to say i love you, and bena ( her aunt breanna ) of course half of these only i understand haha.

She's walking all over the place, and even tries to run...its hilarious! She tries to climb onto things, and would spend all day rolling around on my bed if I let her!

She's still a healthy eater...this girl likes her food! Im still VERY strict about what goes into her little body...but every now and again she gets rice from a restaurant or something along those lines! ;)

Were still taking 2 naps a day and sleeping 7-7-...sometimes bed time is earlier, when naps are off or something. I see us going to one nap around 15/16ish months..shes always been on the early side of dropping naps per Babywise, and were already starting to shorten the morning looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time ha!

Our schedule right now..

7:00 up
9:00 nap
10:15/30ish she wakes, i don't let her sleep past 10:30
1:15 nap
3:00 ish she wakes
6:45-7:00 bed

Her favorite toys are baby dolls, balls, and anything out of the bathroom cabinet she's not supposed to have ;) She loves music and likes to shake her lil booty..its the cutest thing ever! She loves wearing shoes, when i put mine on she will sit down and try to put hers still my heart..little mini person!

She is the constant joy in my life, she makes the mornings sweeter and the days long and happy. Even when she's crying I wouldn't trade this life for anything different. I sit and wonder what her brother/sister will be like, I can't imagine 2x the love in my home..and i can't wait for that day to be here!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Someone turned ONE...Party Post!

The day baby turned ONE! It still doesn't seem real to me, theres no way we've already lived an entire year of life with her. I don't think there will ever truly be enough time.

The party was a success, no rain! Thank goodness! Leighton took a great morning nap, and was sweet for about, oh, 20 minutes, then she was whiny and clingy. No big shocker, its how she's been the past week or so, and then the day after her party ( on her actual birthday I got her up and saw a front tooth! ) every since then she has been a complete JOY...ahhhhh peace! If only it had come a day sooner..HA!

Here's some pictures from her party..

My friend Natalie got L some cat eye glasses, the minute she saw them she put them on and refused to take them off! It was so cute. We ran out of time and forgot to make Leighton a sugar free cupcake, so i reluctantly gave her the regular one, and to my surprise she wanted NOTHING to do with it, she put some fingers in the icing, gave it a taste, then shook her head "no" be lying if I wasn't crazy excited!!

Its been a wild ride this year! Im glad I've been able to share it with you all, the ups, the downs, and everything in-between! And since time doesn't slow....its on to bigger and better one short year from now this will be a 2 year old post..amazing.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

When it rains it kidding

Im having "one of those days". Blah. Its cloudy out and its supposed to rain, which is perfect for this cold loving girl, but its not doing a whole lot for me today.

L's birthday party is on Saturday, and every day they have increased the rain chance little by little, and this morning the weatherman told me "thunderstorms saturday morning into late afternoon". Ugh. We need the rain, I KNOW we need the rain, but can you pleaaaaase just hold off until 1pm Lord? Please? I really don't know what we will do if it storms...cramming everyone into our house i suppose, and pushing aside the decorations I've spent months....literally months...working on. Im trying to not let the material side of me come out here, remembering the friends and family joining us could really care less about the red and white tent i sewed, or the signs that go on all the food, but "party planning" and "gift giving" really are my gifts and talents, and it makes my heart sad to think only I will see the whole picture come together in my mind...

Only Saturday will show what the outcome will be i suppose...

On another note I hurt my back, I really think i popped a rib out of place or was really bad last night, i barely slept at all, and today I can't take deep breaths and have a really hard time picking L up...

And L..Oh my teething grumpy child. I have been begging the Lord to let her sweet little spirit back through. We are going through some weird one year old separation anxiety, throw a fit the minute i don't get what i want phase and its wearing on my nerves. I still think I'm comparison to most babies her age she's a dream, but for someone who's just not used to dealing with grumpiness its hard to handle. 11 months of a joyful child, I guess i can handle a couple fussy ones, i guess....

On a lighter side of things, I have gotten a lot done around the house decoration wise, I figured it will be a while until we build something and I'm ready for this place to feel a little more homy, ill try and take some pictures soon..

SPEAKING of pictures, I have been crazy busy! Not so much with family shoots but I've been doing a lot of commercial shots for home renovation type things. Its different, and challenging in a totally different way! BUT the most exciting thing is I will be shooting the 2nd annual Fashion Night Out for Betty and June Boutique here in Abilene! SOOOOO excited! Its a non-profit even, and all proceeds go to Abilene Young Life. It will be catered by Abi Haus ( A new restaurant downtown ) and Enchanted Rock Vodka. Ill post more details as I receive them...its Sept 1st so mark your calendars !!

Well I better put some clothes on, I've got some grocery shopping to do for the party...and L wakes up in 30 mins...

Her one year pictures will be done keep an eye out for those :)