Monday, October 17, 2011

2 months

So technically, Leighton won't be 2 months old for 2 more days. But I've got the morning free since pinterest isn't working, and it isn't time to wake the girl up yet.

Really not a WHOLE lot has changed since my last post. But heres the run down on whats happening in the world of a two-month old :)

* Not exactly sure how much she weighs, we really need to get a scale. Im guessing 11lbs 5 ounces.
*Is laughing all the time now, mostly when I change her diaper. But she also laughs a lot at her cousin Shayne, I haven't really seen her do it but Erin swears she does it haha!
* In size 2 diapers, 3 month old clothes, and is starting to outgrow her woombie swaddle, I can't find one that goes over size 12 lbs in Abilene, go figure, it IS Abilene. I guess I will have to order one.
*Were doing tummy time once every time she's awake. In the morning when we lay her on her tummy she rolls over...every time. Im kind of impressed haha! But she ONLY does it in the morning..guess she's picky about when to show off?
* Taking pro-biotics once a day, eats 4 oz of formula 6 times a day, and Colic Calm for those "fussy" nights or when her tummy hurts.
*Still loves "wheels on the bus" (her cousin Shayne's version is the cutest, it includes parts about Leighton hiccuping on the bus, and Shayne consoling precious, I pray Leighton is a smart as that girl one day ) but also really likes "Rise" by Shawn McDonald when were in the car.
*Likes to be carried facing out, or up on your shoulder, she's not so crazy about the "cradle" hold anymore...gosh she's so big.
* Still doesn't like her bouncy ( but she likes aunt Erins? ) or her boppy. Just the plain ol' floor for her. I can't wait for her to be big enough for her bumbo, and jumper!.....or maybe I can?

Its all happening so fast. You know how people say " nothing can prepare you for what its like to be a mother " ? They are SO right. I mean no matter how much your around children, or how many siblings you have, NOTHING comes close to this. Its the most amazing, nerve racking, precious, hair ripping, blessed, time of my life. I cannot imagine my world without this little girl, its hard to imagine it ever existed any other way! 2 months has FLOWN by and before I know it she will be sitting, then crawling, eating real food, talking, walking, driving, omg. I look forward to every little bit of ALL of it.

Love you baby girl. Happy 2 months to you...and me :)

( I promise there will be pictures soon! )

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Play Time At Tiffany's

Just a pre warning...there are no pictures in this post. Sorry! My camera is broken ( sad sad day... ) so I'm a little behind on the whole picture thing.

I feel like so much has happened since my last post.

* Im back at work.
* Leighton is now 11 lbs
* Which in turn means I left Leighton for more than 2 hours, the previous record.
* She has a clogged eye duct, so it oozes all day..its pretty gross. ha! I had them a lot when I was a baby.
* Her vision is PERFECT..praise God.
* She now sleeps in her car seat, and through most shopping trips....most.
* She officially wears only size 3 month.
* This week we have to move to size 2 diapers...I STILL don't know where this adorable chubbiness is coming from?!
* Still hates to get dressed...this she is going to need to grow out of haha
* Still taking all her naps, and sleeping like a pro at night. Although this week she has woken at 4, and 6, at 4 she cries it out and at 6 i give her her paci and she goes back down till 7. Im thinking the whole transition from going back to work etc has her a little thrown off. We will get back to 10-7 soon enough. :)
* Isn't really reaching for any toys yet, but kicks her legs like crazy.
* Talking ( cooing haha ) constantly. Mostly with me, and her GiGi. Everyone else she prefers to just stare at haha.
* Does this cute thing where she folds her arms across her chest and holds her hands. So precious.
* Getting cuter and smarter every day. Oh and fatter to :)

So much has been happening in her little world. Obviously the most significant would be me going back to work. Thankfully Taylor's bosses wife Tiffany is keeping her at her house! I was going to put her in the daycare where my sister works, I know they would have taken amazing care of her, but it was SO expensive, and I knew they wouldn't be able to keep her on her schedule that Baby Wise teaches, so I was so excited when Tiffany offered! She has a 3 year old little boy, whom apparently Leighton has grown attached to. Tiffany said she just stares at him while she's playing on the floor. Her first crush, how sweet :)

I was a little nervous going back to work. Not so much for Leighton, but for Tiffany. I can be stressful taking care of a little baby your not familiar with, so I was just nervous Leighton wouldn't nap for her, be fussy etc. Yesterday when I picked her up I asked Tiffany how she had done, and she just went on and on about what an amazing baby she was, how she was such a joy to be with, how she ate, played, and napped so easily and how happy she was when she was awake. She said " You seriously have the easiest happiest baby Ive ever seen! " I was so ecstatic! I so wanted Tiffany to enjoy her being there, and I wanted Leighton to be just as comfortable with Tiffany as she was with me..and so far it seems to be going that way! Its awesome knowing that while I'm at work, she's having a good time :)

Well, time to get my coffee, load up the kid, go to the sitters, and head to work! This whole new world of "working mom" is exhausting. Cant wait for 6:00 to come home and see my baby!

Monday, October 3, 2011

10 Pound Perfection

Before I are some 1 month pictures like I promised.

How sweet are those chubby cheeks? Melt my heart.

So why 10 pound perfection? Last week I took Leighton to the doctor to check on her acid reflux, and she weighed 10 pounds! 10 pounds?! seriously?1 When did that happen!! thats an ounce and half a week since birth..thats half an ounce more than whats considered "normal" per week for a infant. haha. oops! she's just a hungry girl. i don't know what else to say!

Since she has reflux, she SHOULD weigh less...thats actually one of the main things doctors and moms are concerned with when their babies have reflux, but Leighton has silent reflux, which means she swallows her burps and spit up instead of letting them out..i have to say my wardrobe is thankful for this..but her little esophagus isn't. Thankfully Dr. Capra insisted we switch her formula, to a sensitive one, thinking she might have a milk allergy. I was really happy he wanted to try this before loading my baby girl up on medication. The outcome? It worked like a dream, what a different baby we had after just 3 days! Her tummy must have been MUCH happier..because she sure was, and still is!

At her appointment I forgot to ask Dr Capra about her eyes. We were concerned with her lack of focus, she would just stare aimlessly at the lights on the ceiling, but nothing else. She wouldn't look at toys, your fingers, or even my face...which made me pretty sad. So we went back today to have them checked out. First of all let me tell you that she weighed in at 10lbs10ounces! omg...10 ounces in 7 days?! can that be right?! haha! surely not....

Anyway..Dr Capra looked at her eyes, and while he didn't have an "opinion" on it..he said she needed to see a specialist. Apparently no eye doctors in Abilene see infants, so a specialist from Fort Worth comes in once a month to Dr Capras office and sees all the babies that need some special attention. We still aren't sure what day her appointment is..sometime in October. Right now were on a mission to strengthen her eyes as much as possible before he arrives! Lots of "face time", drawing pictures and putting them in her crib for her to look at, getting a mobile hung up asap. And of course most importantly lots of prayers that God will strengthen her little eyes :)

Its overwhelming how many people have already been praying for her. We have such an amazing support system of friends and family...even strangers, who stepped up to battle for our little love.

After the doctor today I brought Leighton home and laid her under her play mat, I started to move her toys around, and she actually looked at them! She even swung her arms at a few of them! Amazing! God is so good GREAT! ( I have a video but have NO clue how to put it on here...someone help me haha )

So to sum it up...little Leighton isn't so "little" anymore. Her reflux is MUCH better. Her tummy and heart are happy. And her precious little eyes are about to get the work out of their life :)