Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hollyn's Wish List

My sweet sweet niece Hollyn turned ONE last month, with the holidays it was just TOO crazy to plan her the perfect first birthday she deserved, so my sister put it off until the first weekend of Feb! Its going to be a valentines theme at my house. I cant wait to shower that little angel with love, gifts, and kisses! We sent out a "wish list" with her invitations, but Erin wanted me to create a blog with more ideas for family and friends. Im ALL about birthday wish lists, I would love it if everyone did them, makes shopping SO much quicker and easier. Especially for those kids who seem to have "everything"

Here is this list we sent out with the invites...

Here some other ideas! They are all from Target, Dillards, and Pottery Barn!

1- Hollyn loves music, and she loves to hit things. So this little piano would be perfect for both! :) and in stores!

2- Portable music player. I love this, I asked for this when Leighton turned one, we didn't get it but i still think it would be great! Easy to use, and perfect for the carseat/stroller! and in stores!

3- Mini i-phone. For all the obvious reasons. Our kids love our iphones, wether we want them to or not! This one is water resistant, PERFECT for all the baby drool ;) Sold online only,

4- Leighton got her first Potter Barn "anywhere" chair for Christmas. Shes obsessed with it. Erin was dissapointed she didnt ask for one, and Im a little jealous because they JUST released with single monogram frame! I LOVE it! This will be perfect for out of town/state families who want to send something! ( if you have questions over color, address etc email me! )

5- Well, she IS a girl, so clothes are always acceptable ;) These are just some fun examples from The Ralph Lauren rugby dress is so easy and adorable. As for the Nike, im on a Nike wether Erin is or not this made the cut! I can just see her chub legs in those leggings! AH!

6- Its coming up on swim season, and both of these mint retro swimsuits are SOOO cute. The cut on the legs of the first one (with the yellow) are screaming to be on Hollyn, she was MADE for this swimsuit.

7- This is probably my favorite. Im a sucker for a monogram, add that adorable chubby whale and im sold!! Who says you can't be accessorized to a tee at the pool? (any questions email me)

8- Heres some examples for shoes for little H! I think Erin would love those chucks, but the sandals are so precious to!

9- Shayne (Hollyns big sis) has some super cute luggage, so its only appropriate that Hollyn have some too! PLUS were traveling to California this summer, so shes definitely going to need something! This one from Pottery Barn is kind of perfect. I think im going to have to get Leighton one to! (i can say with confidence Erin would HATE that flower if you plan on ordering this please contact me first!)

Well, hope that helps some! Cant wait to see you all at our sweethearts party! for questions!

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