Monday, April 8, 2013

Our Easter...a beautiful mess

Well, Easter has come and gone. Here I am writing my Easter post. 

This was not the best holiday we've had so far.

Don't get me wrong, Easter is a beautiful day. A day to celebrate our Risen Lord who gave His life so we could live forever in His presence. 

But Easter 2013 was the day of crying, fit throwing, crying, no sleeping, fevers, and more crying.
The tummy bug hit our house 3 weeks ago and has come and gone and come again. We just cant shake this nasty thing!

Anywhoo, here are the only pictures I took of the day. How sad. It IS kind of hard to take pictures when your daughter is clinging to your hair and screaming though, so thats my excuse ;)

L woke up to her Easter basket, she was pretty excited about that! 
I want to create traditions for Leighton. On Valentines she will get a movie in her basket, every year.
On Easter she will get pajamas in her basket. Somehow I didn't get a picture of the adorable cow pajamas, they are so sweet. Every time she wears them she walks around the house moo-ing. Hilarious.

She loved these bunny ears. She wore them while we were hunting eggs too. 

Even though it was a day I don't care to revisit i'm still so thankful for it. For another day with my little loves. For a daughter who is beautiful and smart, and a husband who does whatever i tell him to when said daughter is absolutely losing her mind :)

Were looking forward to next year already!

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